Well I just got done watching the President’s press conference in which he attempted to convince the American citizens that he was going to lower the cost of health care while expanding coverage to every American and probably a few million illegal immigrants.

  The first thing I noticed was that for the first time for me anyway , the President used the phrase “health INSURANCE reform” instead of health care reform. That is a big difference in my book .

   The President spent close to an hour , gave an opening statement, and took eleven questions in his attempt to explain his vision of what he sees as the future of health care and how it will be paid for.

   I watched it from beginning to end and I for the life of me have no idea what his vision of the future of health care is , except for wanting to cover every American, or how he intends to pay for it other than taxing a few millionaires.

 When asked about the Blue Dog Democrats opposition, the President made it seem as if there was no real dissent within his party.

  Another theme that he continually touched on was that he had inherited all of the problems that we are currently suffering through. He did this without admitting that what he has done has made little or no impact on these troubles. The best he could do was to say “imagine how bad it would have been if we hadn’t acted”. Wow I guess everyone who voted for change will have to settle for , not as bad as it could have been.

  And lastly let me comment on the fact that in my opinion what I watched tonight does not qualify as a press conference.

   It is obvious that the people who are going to ask the questions as well as the questions are pre selected. The questions are mere set ups for the President to go into ten to fifteen minute Biden like answers. There is zero chance of any adversarial give and take. The press is a willing participant in this faux press conference . How are we served by the first amendment if the press is unwilling to exercise that freedom ?

  And how can we respect a President that is not confident enough in his policy and his ability to answer the hard questions ,to allow that freedom to be exercised. Of course we have seen a similar demonstration right here in Delaware of a candidate unwilling to take a few hard questions , haven’t we ?


4 Responses to “Reform”

  1. grunk Says:

    Barky needs some sleep. The entire press conference made no sense, especially the last question about the Cambridge, Mass. police. He’ll have some fence-mending there.

  2. frankknotts Says:

    I’m not so sure , since liberals have a built in distrust of the police anyway. But should a president allow himself to be drawn into what is a local police issue?

  3. Tim J Says:

    It looks like going off on the police issue is already biting the President in the butt. Lets see how many State Troopers Associations endorse him in the next election.

  4. frankknotts Says:

    Tim , rank and file groups may not but the union leaders still will unfortunately. But maybe if they do the rank and file will change some of their leaders. It does seem odd that in every press conference , press conferences that are heavly scripted and controlled by the administration I might add , there seems to always be a race question. This from a president who says we are in a post racism period , yet he keeps race at the fore front by responding to these types of questions. Guess a little Rev. Wright got through after all those years of sitting in the pews and not hearing !!

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