Obama Don’t Care

  Many have called Pres. Obama’s health care plan “Obama Care”, well I think a better name might be ” Obama Don’t Care”.

   The president has said that he wishes to lower health care cost and to provide health care for every American.

   Well he may be able to provide some form of health care for every American but at what cost.

  First many believe that socialized health care will reduce the quality and the amount of health care that we will actually be able to receive.

   Also on Thursday the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) director Douglas Elmendorf made several statements to Senate committees. In these statements he made it clear that in the opinion of the non partisan CBO , Obama Care would actually increase the Federal cost for health care , in his words “to a significant degree .” He also stated that additional revenue would need to be found to keep from increasing the deficit.

   When asked by the Ways and Means Committee about a statement he made earrlier in the day regarding the cost of the plan he said , ” the point I made earlier this morning is that it raises future federal outlays more than it reduces future federal outlays.” First let me address the fact that that is the biggest piece of double talk that I have heard in quite a while, of course if it raises future outlays then it can’t reduce them at all.

  Mr. Elmendorf also said that further savings could be found by changes to the current exclusion from taxes of employer -paid insurance premiums.  That my friends means that he thinks the government should tax your health care benefits you receive from your employer as income. That is a tax increase on every “WORKING ” American to pay for every “NON WORKING” American. By taxing the employer-paid benefits it will drive up the cost of private insurance to the individual and send them to the subsidized arms of the “PUBLIC OPTION.”

  Do not believe for a moment that Pres. Obama cares whether you have health care or not , he doesn’t , the only thing that he cares about is consolidating federal power and socialized health care will do that faster than any other means in his bag of tricks.


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