Free Pass For Sotomayor ?

   Well now that the Senate Hearings for the confirmation of President Obama’s nominee Sonia Sotomayor have drawn to a close with little more than a whimper we can expect a committee vote within a couple of weeks I would guess.

   As has become a habit for the GOP they talked tough right up until it was time to get tough. The questioning was pointed at best , but fell short of probing or opposing.

  Numerous times GOP Senators were heard to say that it was a done deal that Justice Sotomayor would be confirmed.

  Even Sen. Jeff Sessions who has been out front in the press as opposing the nomination stated that he still had ” serious concerns” about the Justice , but that he would not support any attempt to block a final vote on confirmation and didn’t foresee “ANY” Republican doing so.  Sen. Sessions also said ” I am looking forward to you getting  that vote before we recess in August.”

  Excuse me ? He looks forward to getting her that vote ? Did I fall down the Rabbit Hole ? Have I lost my mind?

  Or is just another case of the GOP caving in hopes of getting some concession in the future from the Democrats? Give me a break !!

  I am so sick and tired of the GOP talking big and then folding like a house of cards.

  Its been said that the Republicans felt that they had to walk a thin line in opposing Sotomayor, on the one hand they wanted to appear tough to appease their base , but not to tough so as not to offend Hispanics , the fastest growing minority in the United States.

   Well hell if they would get tough on immigration then Hispanics wouldn’t be the fastest growing minority , now would they?

   How long will we as GOP voters be expected to sit back and allow these spineless politicians to ruin our great nation?

   We have got to take control of the party and force real conservatism back into the GOP.

   I understand the numbers game of being the minority in congress, what I will never understand is this propensity of Republicans in an elected office to believe that they have been sent there to make deals with the Democrats.

   In my view they have been sent there to defeat the Democrats or if they are unable to do that then to give no quarter. If I wanted them to make deals with the Democrats then I guess I would vote for Democrats, and in some cases it’s hard to tell the difference.


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