Just An Observation

   I have gone back and looked at the reporting of the passing of Sen. Adams and then all of the articles about who would or wouldn’t run for his vacated seat.

  It seems to me that in these articles that his daughter was referred to as Polly Mervine. It also seems that after she was selected by the Democrats after Eddy Parker dropped out or shortly before, she suddenly became Polly Adams Mervine.

   We won’t go into the whole second choice issue (at least not right now) , but is this name change an attempt to play on the emotions of the voters of the 19th Senatorial District?

  In my view this shallow maneuver shows a weakness . It says to me that she brings so little to the political table that she and her handlers feel that if she is not recognized as the daughter of Sen. Adams then she stands no chance running on the issues or her ideas for better government.

  There is no denying her father and I’m sure that most people will know who she is, every article written will mention the fact of who her father was. My point is that I believe that this move of adding Adams to the middle of her name is a subconscious admission . It says that she and her backers realize that she has an up hill battle if the race is run based on facts and issues. It would seem they would prefer to run it on emotions and sentimentality.

  If I look at this race  strictly from a qualification and experience aspect and ask who of the candidates fits this description, I would have to be drawn to Joe Booth for experience due to his years of being involved in school boards, town government and currently as a state Representative , he has proven his qualifications over the years.

  I could also look to Matthew Opaliskias being qualified. Matt is , and I say this with all due respect to Matt , Matt is a political nerd. Matt is a facts and figures guy. He is a research guy. He knows the details and the rules and regulations of our governing bodies. He is motivated and has a grasp of the issues . He has made two unsuccessful runs at this very seat , so he knows what is involved in this type of campaign. He has also been involved in GOP politics for many years.

   And as for Polly Mervine ( and that is how I will be referring to her )  if she intends to run for a seat that was held by such a heavy weight as her father then she is going to have to demonstrate some real political chops, and that means doing more than reminding us of who her father was.


6 Responses to “Just An Observation”

  1. grunk Says:

    Does Polly Mervine intend to speak to the media?

  2. frankknotts Says:

    I hear she may be being prepped by a special trainer, possibly Michael Cain.

  3. grunk Says:

    She may be the first politician with nothing to say.

    We may be on to something here.

  4. grunk Says:


    Polly Mervine used the “A” word in her name.

  5. Shirley Says:

    “She may be the first politician with nothing to say.

    We may be on to something here.”

    LOL on that, grunk !

  6. grunk Says:

    Polly showed up at the debate tonight, gave an opening statement, then left. WGMD/WGMD.com folks are not happy.

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