No To Michael Jackson Resolution

   I wasn’t going to comment on the death of Michael Jackson because I didn’t feel that it had any bearing on our political issues of the day.

 Well thanks to Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee I guess it sort of does. Rep. Lee has introduced a House Resolution to honor the late Michael Jackson.

  Now I could go into the facts that Jackson was a great performer but that due to his choice of life style and the accusations of child molestation he shouldn’t be honored by the United States House of Representatives or by any other organization for the matter.

  But at a time when we are faced with an economic melt down due to policies put into place by a president who seems bent on creating a socialist paradise here in the cradle of capitalism and liberty, do we really need to be debating whether a person who, at the very least made some very bad choices about what was appropriate behavior with children and at the worst possibly actually molested children ,should be honored in the hallowed halls of congress.

  Maybe while their at it they could decide what our national dessert should be.

  We truly need to get congress back to the business at hand , which is to run this nation and forget about all of these sort of headline grabbing resolutions designed by their sponsors to curry favor and nothing else.

  By the way my choice for national dessert would be the DQ double dipped cone.


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