We’ve Got A Date !

 August 3rd has been set as the date for the special election to fill the Delaware Senatorial 19th District seat left vacant by the recent passing of it’s long time resident Thurman G. Adams Jr. .

  The two major parties have chosen their candidates. It will be well know Joe Booth currently a Delaware Representative and former three time mayor of Georgetown for the GOP.

  And for the Democrats it will be the virtually unknown Eddy Parker , former president of the Woodbridge School District and currently a county employee.

   There seems to be the outside chance of a third party candidate , but as of right now no announcement has been made . Any third party candidate should get in soon .

   I would have to say that this race will come down to experience on the part of Mr. Booth, against home town boy in the center of the district for Mr. Parker who is a life time resident of Bridgeville.

   As always let me put my two cents worth in and say that what we need in this state right now is someone with experience. We need someone to balance out the run amok state government and it’s governor. The last thing we need in the state Senate is an inexperienced Senator for the Democrat party leadership to manipulate.

  Barring some last minute surprise , if the election were held today I would cast my vote for Joe Booth , and since I live in the 19th I guess that is exactly what I will do.


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