Rest Easy Delaware !

  Now that the Delaware Legislature has concluded it’s annual late night, early morning dog and pony show , we the citizens can rest easy knowing that they were hard at work to balance the budget and that they did all that was within their powers to bring this budget together.

   I made a comment on WGMD the day after the budget was signed about how the Legislature conducted business in the wee hours of the morning and that I thought it would be better to back up the process so that the budget and all bills were ready at least five days before being voted on and that this process should be done also soon enough so that if the bill failed they would still have time to work it out.

  I believe this must be done so that the voters have time to see exactly what is in these bills and to have time to lobby their legislators.

  I was told by Rep. John Atkins on the air on WGMD that this was not possible do to time constraints. Really ?

   Well Mr. Atkins it is good to know that the legislature found time to make peach pie the official dessert of Delaware. They even had time to argue whether or not it should be peach pie or Jello with Cool Whip.

  So we don’t have time to put bills together in advance, so that the voters can review them , but we have time to decide on the official dessert of the state?

  Is this truly the best use of the Legislature’s time ? Is this what we send our elected officials to Dover for? Not in my opinion.

  If they would stop putting together these cute little headline grabbing bills and spend more time on the real business at hand , which should be to run this state , then they would most likely be able to put bills together and allow the public a chance to respond before a vote.


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  1. Tim J Says:

    I guess we aren’t doing much better than California. They debate cow tails while handing out IOU’s because they failed their budget and their state, while our legislature debated peach pie when they should have been finalizing their budget.

  2. M.Opaliski Says:

    Rest easy for sure, because they can’t raise your taxes (often called fees) until January at the earliest …

    (This, assuming no Special Session is held)

  3. frankknotts Says:

    Matt the real isue is that the voters don’t really have a chance to know what is going to be in the final bills until after the votes when it is to late . Then you get a week or two of people complaining about them. But by the time another issue is raised the people have forgotten how they were treated the last time. Oh we get all of the trial balloons that get floated before hand , but they are often so convoluted that you can’t be sure if they are serious or not. Example , Rep. Pete Schwartzkopf jsut threw out the possibility of a sales tax on the radio one day. Now some people were outraged and some actually thought it a good idea , but then we really didn’t hear much about it after that. So what did we end up with ? A hike in the gross sale receipt tax. Hello people that is your sales tax here in Delaware. The state has recently made some small improvements in transparency of government , but not eneough , we need to see the bills before they become laws.

  4. M.Opaliski Says:

    I can’t say that I disagree with any of that, getting the Money Bills to the floor earlier than last minute. Using the Ad Antiquitatem fallacy in the attempt to make the practice seem legitimate is weak, but yet always prevails.

    Last night I read through the $3.1Billion Budget (242 pages), the $35Million Grant In Aid Bill (26 pages) and the $284Million Bond Bill (66 pages). Anyone, even those that drafted the Bills would be hard pressed to make sense of it in short order when a vote is pending.

  5. frankknotts Says:

    Matt , I may be wrong but I believe it was John Adams who said , ” it will be of little avail to the people that the laws are made by men of their own choice if the laws be so voluminous that they cannot be read , or so incoherent that they cannot be understood ” . If not Adams , I am sure it was one of the founders. I believe we are suffering through just such a case , not only here in Delaware but throughout our governments.
    Jefferson was a lawyer and a would be scholar , yet he wrote the most important document in history, the Declaration Of Independence, without which this nation would never have been born , and yet he wrote it so that all citizens could understand the language of the document and it’s intent. We could use a little more down to earth and a little less legal speak.

  6. M.Opaliski Says:

    Well worth the eight minutes …

    Full Reading of the Declaration of Independence

    *This was a production of WGMD in 2006

  7. frankknotts Says:

    Thanks Matt, I think I might suggest to Dan Gaffney that that should be run at least once a month. I’m not sure how people can listen to that or who actually read the document and not relate it to our current sitation and our would be king of a president and all of the little would be kings strewn throughout or state and local governments.

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