Joe Booth To Seek Senate Seat

  Rep. Joe Booth  has been chosen and announced as the Republican party’s choice to run for the senatorial seat of the 19th district of Delaware that was left vacant by the recent passing of long time Senator Thurman G. Adams Jr. .

   The Democrats have as of now not decided who will run for their party.

   Well all I can say to both candidates is that you will have some very large shoes to fill.

  And to Mr. Booth , you will have a hard climb in this district due to the legacy of Mr. Adams. But just remember that Sen. Adams was an old school Democrat for the most part and was fairly conservative so if you come to the citizens of the 19th , which I happen to be one of , as a conservative then you have a fighting chance.

  I wish you luck and look forward to having you as my senator.


2 Responses to “Joe Booth To Seek Senate Seat”

  1. Tim J Says:

    The Democrats now have their candidate in Eddy Parker. Are you familiar with him at all. This seems to be good news, but I am not clued into Sussex County politics so I don’t really know.

    I saw Rep. Booth last night at legislative hall and overall he left me with a good impression.

  2. frankknotts Says:

    Tim , I have to admit no I’m not , but I will be. What I like about Mr. Booth from my limited knowledge is his no nonsence approach. When I’ve heard him speak he seems to be a straight talker.

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