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$ 1 Billion Clunker

July 31, 2009

 On Thursday it was announced that the Federal program known as “CARS” or Car Allowance Rebate System would be suspended due to the fact that the one billion dollars that was supposed to last through Nov. 1st ran out in  a week, that’s right one week.

 The plan  was intended to stimulate the failing auto industry and to remove older  inefficient cars and trucks from the road and replace them with new more efficient models. The program was to do this by offering up to forty five hundred dollars towards a new vehicle.

  So let me get this straight, unlimited government spending is unsustainable ? Really ? Who would have thought it ?

  First let me say that unless they are destroying these old cars that are being traded  in and not re-selling them , then the program does nothing to remove the inefficient cars from the road. And if they are destroying these older cars they are removing the chance for many low income earners to be able to afford a first car or a better car. And if they are shipping them around the world to resell them then they truly don’t care about reducing global carbon emissions.

 What this program does do is subsidize the auto industry. The government is lowering the cost of the vehicles by spending tax dollars. And since the government owns the controlling share of G.M. in many cases it is paying the money back to itself. This is like some bazaar episode of the Twilight Zone.

  This is just another sop to the auto worker’s unions. It is also another attempt to manipulate what should be a free market choice made by the consumer. If I want a smaller car than I will buy one and if I want a gas guzzler and can afford it then I should be able to buy it. But this administration seems to think they are gifted with the power to make every decision for us . And all too often the people are willing to sell their liberty which is their freedom of choice , in this case the price is forty five hundred dollars.

  That price tag seems awful low to me considering the price millions of people have paid over the history of this nation to ensure that liberty.


Came In Late

July 30, 2009

  I have to admit that I came in late to the candidates forum for the candidates for the 19th Senatorial seat , being held in Georgetown tonight by the League of Women Voters. I was listening on WGMD. When I joined the program already in progress the question was about the doubling of the state budget. All of the candidates gave their opinion on the topic and gave some suggestions on how to reverse the trend, that is all except Polly Mervine, she chose not to respond with a “no thank you”.  Really ? Really? No thank you ! Are you kidding me?

 I would say there were no surprises from any of the other candidates on any of the questions , from energy policy, Tidewater rates, and creating jobs.

  When asked what was the biggest issue in the 19th district Joe Booth mentioned Delpoint racino, Matt Opaliski also remarked about Delpoint and gambling in general, Wendy Jones stuck to her Libertarian principles and said the size of  government as the largest problem .

  Mrs. Mervine said  that agriculture is a huge part of our economic recovery, which I agree with one hundred percent. But let us not lose sight that her family is involved in agriculture so we should expect that.

  As I listened , since there were no surprises , I listened for the way the candidates answered and not so much what they were saying.

  Joe Booth comes across as a well informed  speaker with a grasp of the issues . He does have his experience in government to draw from.

  Matt Opaliski also is highly motivated and well informed , he knows what he believes and is willing to speak his mind.

  Wendy Jones made a better showing than at the Cross Roads Church forum, maybe because at the Cross Roads forum Wendy Jones had just had back surgery.

  Polly Mervine came across as practiced and scripted, one might say hollow. Her answers seemed not her own. When the campaign began she was no where to be found, and at the Cross Roads forum she couldn’t spare the time to give answers. Tonight she gave answers, I’m just not sure they were her own.

  In my view this will be a hard choice for conservatives to choose between Opaliski and Booth. Wendy Jones unfortunately doesn’t have a chance to be more than an also ran.

  The easiest choice in this race in my opinion is the choice to not to vote for Mervine. She has mentioned her father many times during this campaign and that she would like to honor him. My opinion is that if she manages to win she may end up a dishonor if she is unable to carry out her duties. I think that if she wishes to become involved she should spend some time coming up to speed on the issues and then run for office and find her own way and quit relying on her father’s name.

So What ?

July 28, 2009

  At the Meet the Candidates Night , held at the Cross roads Church in Bridgeville , someone asked the question of  Rep. Joe Booth if he had received any contributions from a member of the Adams family or not.

  Rep. Booth answered by saying that it was possible , and that he would be filing his donation disclosure in a few days.

  Well it would seem that a member of the Adams family did contribute to the Booth campaign, in fact they contributed the maximum of six hundred dollars. The contribution was made by Ruthie Adams -Joseph , the widow of Melvin Joseph.

  So I ask , so what ? What if a member of an opposing candidate’s family would contribute to Mr. Booth’s campaign.  All it means is that Mrs. Joseph considers Mr. Booth worhty of the donation and of holding the 19th Senatorial seat, nothing more.

 Anyone who tries to play this as anything else is grasping at  straws.

Seven Days Away

July 27, 2009

 Just seven more days until the special election for the 19th Senatorial Dist. Seat of Delaware.

  Their are no shortages of candidates for this seat left vacant by the passing of long time Senator Thurman G. Adams Jr.

   But the real story would seem to be about what might happen if current Representative Joe Booth of the 37th Representative Dist. were to win this race.

   Even though I have endorsed Mr. Booth I must admit that the prospect of his winning does have certain risk for the GOP in Delaware.

  If Mr. Booth is successful in winning the 19th Senate seat, then that will necessitate another special election to fill his House seat for the 37th.

  What makes this such a high risk poker game for the GOP is that currently in the House the balance is 24 Democrats to 17 Republicans. If the 37th were to swing to the Democrats then it would give them a super majority. This would allow the Democrats along with Gov. Markell  to pass tax hikes and gambling bills pretty much unopposed .

  I still think it is extremely important for Joe Booth to win the 19th Senate seat so that we here in the 19th can continue to have conservative and competent representation.

  I also reconize that it is ever so important to hold the 37th Representative seat in the House. Though I won’t be able to vote in that one , I do encourage all of the citizens of the 37th who have sent Joe Booth to the House multiple times to look to him for guidence and to continue to hold to their values when voting.

President Obama’s Albatross

July 27, 2009

  As the debate over President Obama’s health insurance reform continues, it looks less likely that it will be passed on the original time table the President set for it , which was before congress breaks for the summer.

   The sticking points seem to center around the cost to tax payers and the amount of government control over our personal choices when it comes to health care. To the President these seem like trivial points, but to Republicans and the “Blue Dog” Democrats and I might add, to a growing number of American citizens according to the polling , these are exactly the reasons not to pass such over reaching reforms.

   This push for health care reform has been a center piece of both the Obama campaign and his administration since taking office. The President has said many times that it was crucial that this reform happen as soon as possible to keep, oh I don’t know, to keep the world from ending I guess.

   This health care reform agenda has been labeled by everyone involved , from the congress to the media, to the Obama Administration itself, as the “Obama Health Care Plan”.

  But as we have watched support for the sweeping take over by government of one sixth of the national economy wain, I have noticed the President trying to distance himself from it and to say that this is not about him or about defeating his agenda.

  I say it is precisely about him and his socialist agenda and defeating both.

  Is there anyone out there who can honestly say that if this plan had gone sailing through congress as the President had intended , that the media and the administration would not have been trumpeting the success of the     “OBAMA HEALTH CARE PLAN “.

  It is important that the Republicans and those conservative Democrats continue to hold off the pressure to put this to any sort of a vote, because the longer they can, the more time the citizens have to discover just what is involved in this bill.

  When this bill is defeated , and I pray that it will be, it is also important that it be laid directly at the feet of the President who was so in favor of it and to make sure that it is seen as the crushing defeat that it will be to his administration. 

  And heaven forbid that it should be passed , but if it is then it is important that it be laid directly at the feet of the President who was so in favor of it, so that when the people finally have their eyes opened they will realize that it was President Obama and his co-conspirators , Pelosi and Reid who were responsible for it.

  I believe that if this health care bill is defeated , as it should be , it will end up being the albatross that hangs around the neck of this president for the remainder of his one term.

Should We Or Shouldn’t We ?

July 25, 2009

   At the Delaware , Sussex County Council  meeting held Tuesday July 22, 2009 , the council passed a resolution to participate in the Federal Recovery Zone bond program. The program is a part of the larger Federal American Reinvestment and Recovery Act of 2009 , also know as the “stimulus package .”

  The program will make millions of dollars from the Federal government available to businesses that are expanding or adding jobs by way of loans. And though Sussex County will review and approve the loans , the county will not be lending the money and those who borrow the money will be responsible to pay back the loans , not the county tax payers. The intention of the program is to stimulate growth in areas that are hardest hit by the down turn in the economy.

  I understand the intention, but I disagree with the method. I am not in favor of the county being the loan shark for the Federal government.

  This is just another way to hook small communities and counties and now small businesses on the Federal drug of seemingly easy money.

  Granted these are low or no interest loans , but loans never the less. They have to be paid back. If these businesses are in such shape that they can’t borrow from banks then they may not be able to handle even this type of loan. If the business can’t pay back the loan who holds the paper? And who forecloses. Is this another attempt by the Federal government to take over even more private businesses?

  Let us not forget that this money is coming from taxpayers , some right here in Delaware and Sussex County. Would we not be better off to have the state or the county do this, at least then the money wouldn’t have to go to the businesses via Washington D.C..

  I am never in favor of higher taxes , but if we must pay for things then let us pay here at home. Why should we turn over our tax dollars to the Federal government to be used around the country. Let us solve our problems at home. Let small towns take care of their own streets. Let the counties care for their own sewer , and let the state handle the state’s business.

  When we buy into these type of Federal programs that allow the Federal government to buy up influence within the states , counties and communities, all we are doing is surrendering more and more of our states rights. And as this influence is filtered down through states , counties, communities and eventually to the individuals, we lose more and more of our individual liberty.

  This so called “stimulus package” is we can only hope a one time money injection, and since the down turn in the economy looks to last at least two to three years how much help will it be. Where will the money to keep the county economy moving come from next year? Will we just let it all slide back or will the businesses of the county turn once again towards the Federal government? Which by the way in my opinion is exactly what the Federal government would like.

  Recently on this site I praised the Sussex County Council for balancing the budget without raising property taxes. Now I must ask should the County Council have gotten this far into bed with the Federal government?  I say no, I say that the county should have refused to be the tool of the Federal government. This is just another case of the council being seduced by the lure of seemingly easy money , the same as they were when the transfer tax was bringing in revenue by the truck loads. Then when it ran out they were left to figure out how to keep up the spending they had become accustomed to.

  I believe that by the county  handing out this money they are enabling small businesses to fall prey to the same mistake.

Master Of Deception

July 24, 2009

  I have been watching and listening to the coverage of the reaction to President Obama’s remarks , at the end of his so called press conference on health care, about the arrest of a African American by a White police officer.

  The president said that “the police acted stupidly” when arresting the man at his own home, even though the President admitted that he didn’t have all of the facts. It turns out the man was arrested for being disorderly and not for breaking into his own home .

  But the real story I believe is not that a White officer arrested an African American. It’s not that a president was willing to be dragged into what at this time is a local matter. It’s not even that the president was willing to speak on a topic that he himself admitted that he didn’t know the facts. And as for what he said about a law enforcement officer who was there to protect the man’s home , well should we be surprised ?

 I believe the story behind the story is that this question was asked and when it was asked.

  We are all aware that the President’s so called press conferences are scripted and controlled. I some times feel that if the cameras were pulled back quickly we would see the armed guards standing there to make sure no one asked a question that wasn’t approved.

 We know that he is aware of who will ask the questions and what the questions will be. So that means that he was aware that this question would be asked and he knew when it would be asked.

  I think the President wanted this question asked and he wanted it asked late in the press conference. Why ? So that it would be what stuck in the minds of the audience and the minds of the press.

  Again, why ? So that it would draw attention away from the fact that he had given no facts about what the press conference was supposed to be about , the ruination of health care in this country.

  Just look at what has been the lead story since he said the word “STUPIDLY”.

  So this leaves only two reasons why this question was allowed , and why the President would give the answer that he did . Both of which should give the nation great pause.

  Either it was a political play to cover and distract from the vacuousness of his plans for our health care, or he is a complete fool. Take your choice , both should scare the living hell out of any citizen who is not a radical left wing socialist.

How Did We Get Here

July 23, 2009

   Last night I watched as the President of the United States of America went on T.V. and tried to convince the citizens of this nation that we should be willing to allow him and his followers to nationalize another 1/6th of the nations economy by implementing his plan to create a government run health care insurance agency.

   The basis of his wanting to do this , so he says, is to lower cost and to supply every citizen with health insurance.

  Okay we know that there are people in this country that are already on the take from government , whether it be by way of welfare or Medicaid. So how will these people pay for the insurance the government is offering?

   The answer is that they won’t, working people will. People who have taken the time to find jobs and hold jobs long enough to be supplied health care through their employers.

  The Obama scheme is to force every American into the public plan by competing with the private companies. Since the government can raise taxes to further subsidise its plan and private companies can’t, it means that the public plan can seem to run at a lower cost to the insured. In reality the plan will be free for those who don’t work or don’t pay taxes, but for those who do it will cost twice as much. You will pay for the insurance and you will pay for the higher taxes to cover the subsidies. Also if you try and refuse to have any health insurance the Obama plan will penalize you even more by charging you for it anyway on you federal tax return, that tells you that it is targeted at tax payers .

  This is another case of wealth redistribution, taking from the so called rich and giving to the so called poor. Problem is that the government gets to decide what constitutes rich and poor. How long after we start taxing the millionaires at a higher rate do we find out it isn’t enough or there aren’t enough millionaires, and we lower the bar to be considered rich ?

  But none of this answers my question , how did we get here? How did we get to a point that our president can actually think he can sell the American people on the idea of robbing their neighbors of their hard earned wages to pay for something that they themselves should be  providing for themselves and their families?

  When did the American citizens lose their self respect , when did they give up the idea of working for the things they want and need ? When did so many of our fellow Americans become so lazy as to think that they can and should run to the government for their basic needs?

  We all have probably worked with or lived around people who are so lazy that they can barely manage to get up in the mornings. They spend their entire lives trying to get out of work and responsibility. They lie and cheat at every turn , they use people who are considerate . They take advantage of those who are going through life trying to do the right things.

  In many cases it’s not that these people are incapable of working or of  finding a job , it’s that they find it easier to allow the system to supply them with their needs. Unfortunately for the system to be able to supply these leaches with their needs , the system must steal from those of our society who work and save to be able to do for themselves.

  On the surface this idea may sound like fairness. But how is it fair to take from people who work, and give it to those who work the system. How long can a system survive by supplying the needs of all the people by taking from a few. At some point there are not enough of the suppliers  to supply the needy.

  Instead of creating these socialist programs based on taxing the successful to give to the non productive, we would be better served by programs that encourage people to work, to reward them for saving and doing for themselves. Instead of a government funded and run health insurance program that only ends up punishing the productive among us, what we really need is a program that rewards those who find a way to do for themselves and in so doing lessons, not increases the burden on society.


July 22, 2009

  Well I just got done watching the President’s press conference in which he attempted to convince the American citizens that he was going to lower the cost of health care while expanding coverage to every American and probably a few million illegal immigrants.

  The first thing I noticed was that for the first time for me anyway , the President used the phrase “health INSURANCE reform” instead of health care reform. That is a big difference in my book .

   The President spent close to an hour , gave an opening statement, and took eleven questions in his attempt to explain his vision of what he sees as the future of health care and how it will be paid for.

   I watched it from beginning to end and I for the life of me have no idea what his vision of the future of health care is , except for wanting to cover every American, or how he intends to pay for it other than taxing a few millionaires.

 When asked about the Blue Dog Democrats opposition, the President made it seem as if there was no real dissent within his party.

  Another theme that he continually touched on was that he had inherited all of the problems that we are currently suffering through. He did this without admitting that what he has done has made little or no impact on these troubles. The best he could do was to say “imagine how bad it would have been if we hadn’t acted”. Wow I guess everyone who voted for change will have to settle for , not as bad as it could have been.

  And lastly let me comment on the fact that in my opinion what I watched tonight does not qualify as a press conference.

   It is obvious that the people who are going to ask the questions as well as the questions are pre selected. The questions are mere set ups for the President to go into ten to fifteen minute Biden like answers. There is zero chance of any adversarial give and take. The press is a willing participant in this faux press conference . How are we served by the first amendment if the press is unwilling to exercise that freedom ?

  And how can we respect a President that is not confident enough in his policy and his ability to answer the hard questions ,to allow that freedom to be exercised. Of course we have seen a similar demonstration right here in Delaware of a candidate unwilling to take a few hard questions , haven’t we ?

America Waking Up

July 22, 2009

  A recent Associated Press – GfK Poll shows that President Obama’s approval overall is slipping even though it remains at a respectable 55%.

  The poll also shows that the number of people who believe that he can improve the economy is at 16% ,down from 27% .

   People who think he is moving the nation in the wrong direction is up from 46% in June to 54% in this latest poll.

  The real story is the inside the poll ,poll. The president has lost 20% of Independents in his overall approval and his losses in his approval of the direction of the country comes mostly among Independents , but also among Democrats.

   It is encouraging that it would seem that America is waking up to the fact that this man and those who would do his bidding are taking this nation down a path of ruin. It is most encouraging that people within his own party are realizing that he may not be the change they had hoped for.

  Now we must pull together as Americans to stop this socialist tide from washing away our liberty, we must write to our leaders and tell them that if they do not stand against this president and his socialist agenda then we will elect those who will.

  Wake up America , it’s not too late to stop this. We can turn away from this over taxed and over regulated policy and return to our history of liberty based on our freedom of choice , and our ability to succeed .