Hope Your Happy Delaware

 On Monday the Delaware State House passed it’s budget proposal and now it will move to the Senate today.

  Well Delaware I hope that you are happy with the leadership of the state.

  Here are some of the high lights of the way this Legislature has chosen to balance an out of control spending problem.

  They will raise the income tax on the middle class.

   They will raise the tax on tobacco.

   They will raise the gross reciepts tax.

   They will raise the public utilities tax.

    They will eliminate the exemption for lottery winnings.

   They will re-establish the estate tax.

   They will raise they fees for alcohol licenses and other public documents.

   They will establish a new tax on the transferring of oil from tanker to ship within Delaware waters.

   And all of this was done as a compromise with the Republicans. And what did the Republicans get in return? The promise from the leadership and the Governor that they will reduce the number of state employees in the coming years through attrition, WOW I can hardly believe the Governor was willing to give up so much.

   Well to all of you who put this leadership and this governor into power, I hope you are extremely happy with all of you higher taxes, and from all of us who are paying the bulk of these taxes thank you so very much for lowering our standard of living.


7 Responses to “Hope Your Happy Delaware”

  1. Maria Evans Says:

    I cannot fathom raising taxes and fees on Delawareans who are already struggling so our disgracefully bloated government can continue it’s spending spree. Words cannot describe my anger.

  2. Tim J Says:

    I am pretty sure I just lost a client on this one. All of these tax and fee hikes combined will put them out of business.

    Yay for Jack Markell the businessman!

  3. frankknotts Says:

    Maria what’s not to fathom ? Gov. Markell and the majority party in Delaware are following the example of our federel leadership. If taxing and spending doesn’t seem to be working , then tax and spend some more.
    Tim , you are correct , this will lead to many small businesses being closed down and again it would seem that the governor and the Democrats are folling the national trend of putting businesses out of business.
    It is as if this is the goal and not just a side effect of their insane policies.
    It is hard to believe that they are so out of touch with reality that they can’t understand that these are going to be the results of their policies. So you have to conclude that they wish to cause more people to be driven to the welfare roles and to have fewer choices of products and services so that the government can step in and take over where private entities once surfficed.
    Or as I sometimes believe, being a member of the Democrat Party causes insanity.

  4. Tim J Says:

    There was another round of tax and fee increases last night so it is even worse now. I was happy to see a few good things happen but I don’t want to see our government operating like it did last night. They packed a lot of crap into one day of legislation.

  5. frankknotts Says:

    Tim I was told today on WGMD by Rep. John Atkins that there is no way to avoid these last minute actions that give the voters no chance to be involved. I don’t believe this. I think it is just another case of ” this is the way we’ve always done it , so it’s the way we are going to keeep doing it”.
    There has got to be a way to back up the process to give time for the people to influence their legislators before the vote and to allow time to rework the bills if they fail to be passed.
    In my view the only thing stopping change is the people who say it can’t be done.

  6. Tim J Says:

    Here, here. And the people saying it can’t be done are often the very people that were constantly shouting CHANGE durring the 08 campaign.

    The fact is if they could get literally dozens of bills and resolutions passed in one extended day they could have done so much sooner. They are just like me when I cramed for a test or put of writing a paper till the night before it is due. If I put my mind to it I could have written that paper the same day the assignment was given. Instead I CHOSE to wait till the last day.

  7. frankknotts Says:

    Tim , some of it may be procrastination, but my more cynical side tells me there is also a political reason for this practice as well.
    Many of our legislators truly believe that they are smarter than the citizens and shouldn’t have to listen to their complaints and this is a way to do it , at least until after the fact.
    Also think about what kind of decision making is going on at 3:30 in the morning. The legislators must be extremely tired by this time and just want to go home , I imagine it becomes much easier to convince someone to change their vote when all they want to do is go home and sleep. And how well can they be expected to understand last minute amendments if they have been up for twenty hours ?
    No this needs to be changed if for no other reason than to allow the average citizen more time to assimilate and react to what will be in these bills and budgets.

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