Obama One Step Closer To Destroying The Economy

   It would seem to those of us of a conservative mind ,that everything that President Obama has done or is proposing to do has but one goal, to destroy the U.S. economy.

  Now that the President’s “CLIMATE BILL” or “ENERGY PLAN”or “JOB CREATION LEGISLATION ” or whatever name he cares to hang on this rubbish has passed the U.S. House of Representatives in a razor thin vote of 219-212, the President it would seem is one step closer to achieving his goal of destroying the nations economy. It is expected to have a tougher time in the Senate but don’t hold your breath with party hacks like Senator Tom Carper (D-De) there to tote the water for Pres. Obama.

   This president has put into place more anti capitalism plans and regulations in his short time in office, then Stalin was able to achieve in his life time .

  The nationalization of the banking and auto industries, an endless number of czars to run his puppet government outside of congressional oversight and approval. His attack on the health care industry and now this sweeping legislation that will do nothing but add another expense to the budgets of the ordinary American family. This is nothing but a tax on our everyday lives. This will not lower the amount of Co2 that companies emit in this country and even if it does it will do nothing to lower global output due to the fact that countries such as China and India have already said they would never put into place theses types of caps. Why? Because they are economic suicide.

  This president seems to be hell bent on destroying what once was the greatest economy in the world. And with the help of a compliant congress and a lap dog media it seems as if he may be able to do to the United States what decades of Soviet leaders were unable to do and that is to bring us low and to convert the shining light of liberty and economic freedom to nothing more than a third world socialist dictatorship that can’t even feed it’s own people.

  And if you think what he has done so far is frightening, wait until you see what he has in store on immigration. Just at a time when unemployment is soaring , he will advocate to allow even more illegal immigrants into the country to take jobs and lower the salaries of actual United States citizens.

  This madness must be stopped, and 2010 may be our last chance !!


One Response to “Obama One Step Closer To Destroying The Economy”

  1. Maria Evans Says:

    Hi Frank, I’m gonna shamelessly post a link to DP, where I made these two comments:


    “The conversion to alternative energy is important, but people need to remember that we have a society based on fossil fuel usage, gas powered cars, oil heated homes, coal burning power plants, and when this legislation goes into effect, the people who are going to suffer the most are going to be the people who can’t afford that hybrid car or solar panels on their homes. So we’ll have to subsidize the conversions for the poor, which means taking more money from from other Americans trying to get ahead…”


    “This is how cap and trade will end up working…industry will sue, settle, and negotiate away their taxes, fines and fees, while the poor and middle class are struggling to participate in this new legislated utopia that sinks them farther into debt or keeps them treading water. Yea.”


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