Thurman G.Adams Jr. 1928-2009

  The state of Delaware received sad news today, long time State Senator Thurman G. Adams Jr. has passed away due to pancreatic cancer. It would seem that Senator Adams was not being treated for the cancer but had just been diagnosed just in the past weeks. As someone who lost their sister to this terrible disease this may have been a blessing for the family. My deepest sympathies and prayers go out to the Senator’s family. The Senator was eighty years old.

  Senator Adams was the Senate President Pro Tem and had served in the Delaware State Senate since 1972, setting a record for length of service within the Senate. This longevity I believe can be attributed to the fact that Sen. Adams was an old school politician who believed in representing the people of his district .  He was well liked and had support from both Democrats and Republicans alike , I myself had voted for him.

  His passing will leave a large hole to be filled in the political fabric of the state of Delaware.


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