Tax Exemption

  It is being floated in the usual Delaware style, here in Delaware our legislators don’t just come out and sponsor a bill , first they let it get around that they might sponsor a bill , or in this case might slip one in in the midnight hours at the end of the legislative session.

  This time it has to do with the repealing of the tax exemption for seniors of up to five hundred dollars of the school portion of their property tax.

   No one is willing to drink the political poison in public yet by saying that they support this idea, though some have said it is possible that a bill of this type could get slipped in at the end of the session. Also Gov. Markell has hinted at support of such a proposal.

  Now whether the repealing of this tax exemption is needed or not is not my gripe today, my gripe today is with the argument that invariably comes up anytime an issue with our seniors is raised.

  Anytime a tax hike affects the seniors or in this case the repealing of a tax exemption the cry is always   ” this is unfair , we are living on a FIXED INCOME “. Well my dear elderly friends I hate to break it to you but we are all living on a fixed income because my money printing machine is broken.

  If the seniors of this state feel that they are being treated unfairly because this tax exemption would be repealed then don’t scream about being on a fixed income, scream about the waste and duplicity of services within the state government that causes the legislators to take it away .

 Scream about the fact that these legislators are more willing to raise taxes on the working and more willing to cut exemptions on the retired then they are to cut spending on their pet projects.

  Scream about the fact that they are more willing to cut the pay of state workers than they are to cut the actual jobs in order to save  votes, even though they know that many of the jobs are unnecessary.

  To all of the seniors that a bill of this type would effect let me say that we all have our burdens , but we must if we are to change the way things are being done not only in Dover but nationally pull together and find our common ground on the issue of government waste. Don’t just speak out against the repealing of this one exemption , but speak out against the root cause , government waste and the over spending of our tax dollars .

   The fixed income argument to me is a pet peeve, for I believe the majority of Americans are living on a fixed income. Like myself , those who are still working for a living can not simply go to our employers and demand more money every time the government raises a tax or a fee. The working person just like the retired person is forced to make decisions on what they can afford and not afford based on the amount of money the government chooses to allow them to keep. And there my senior friend should be the real rub that unites every citizen, “the amount of money the government choose to ALLOW them to keep”.

  We must all join together to fight this creeping tide of government spending and waste and we must send the message through our votes that we will be the ones to decide how much money we keep.


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  1. Pat Fish Says:

    Hiya Frank,

    Just want you to know that I’ve been tuning in to your Blog here. Also, I loved your abortion post.

    I agree with you about that fixed income argument. In fact, you make an excellent point here. It’s time to stop yelling about the removal of exemptions such as this one and to start yelling about government waste.

    I say this as one such person on a “fixed income”. As if people earning a paycheck can just go in an boom, demand MORE income.

    Property tax is pretty cheap here in Delaware, so says I who moved here from that tax heaven known as Merryland.

    I don’t for a minute want to see this exemption removed, however, but more because…well hey, I understand that Delaware just hired Nanny Minner back for $80,000K a year.

    How about we negate that rather stupid deal, just for starters.

  2. frankknotts Says:

    Pat thanks for your comment. You make a good point when you say stop yelling about the removal of tax exemptions. Maybe it’s time to remove all tax exemptions and really reform the tax code to a flat tax, (one rate for all) or the fair tax (federal sale tax) as long as the income tax is repealed first (requires a constitutional amendment)of course that’s on the federl level.On the state level we might be better off doing the same thing but you will have to make the retail industry believe it first since they believe the hidden sales tax we have now is their greatest selling point. To often in these conversations people are only concerned up to the point they find out it isn’t their ox being gored. What we must realize is that high taxes and waste of those tax dollars effects all of us because if we have less to spend it lowers our standard of living and drives more people into the arms of the nanny state.

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