Goodbye Old Friend

  Dave Burris has announce that he will be shutting down the blog site ,  Delaware Politics , A.K.A First State Politics in it’s former life , the site that he started. He will be turning off the lights at the end of the current Delaware legislative session according to his post .

  Delaware politics has been an important piece in the political puzzle of the First State. It has given people a place to come and to learn and to contribute . Including your not so humble host here at Politically Frank. That’s right you have Dave Burris to thank, not only for giving me my big break into the blogging world , but also for kicking me off of Delaware Politics and in doing so being the imputes for my starting this site. I only hope I can achieve a fraction of the success that Delaware Politics has over the years.

  Delaware Politics was often a place for a wide variety of views , though in my case maybe a little to wide for the taste of the host of the site . But for the most part Delaware Politics allowed many differing points of views to be heard and that is always a good thing.

  I would like to say thank you to Dave and everyone involved with the creation and the running of Delaware Politics, not only for what they did for me personally but for all that they added to the political conversation of the First State.

  Delaware Politics you will be missed!!


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