Could We Take Some Of This To Dover , Please !

   All too often the only time we talk of our political leaders is to criticize. So I would like to take this opportunity to bestow some well deserved praise upon the Sussex County Council of Delaware.

   The council is made up of five members , Michael H. Vincent, Samual R. Wilson, Joan R. Deaver , George B. Cole and Chairman Vance Phillips.

   The council recently adopted a $128 million  budget for the fiscal year of 2010 that will begin on July 1st.

   The council deserves praise in my opinion because for the 20th consecutive budget there will be no increase in property taxes . The rate will remain at 44.5 cents per $100 of assessed value. Also there is very little new spending in this budget.

   The council was able to maintain the current rate and to meet the needs of the citizens through cuts in payroll due to retirement and attrition , and by not filling those two dozen positions, resulting in  a savings of $1.7 million , also employees will be asked to increase their contributions for health care which will save the county another $1 million.

   Cuts in spending for new equipment and for travel along with cuts to Grant-in Aid Funding will save another $2.5 million.

   Now the council did raise the fees for water and sewer by $8 a year to current users and increased the cost of connections for new hook ups by 5% .These increases are to cover normal increases in doing business.

  The county also will spend monies to support local law enforcement due to the need for these agencies to act outside of their jurisdictions from time to time.

  Could we please take this attitude of cutting cost during down turns in revenue instead of raising taxes to Dover? The Sussex County Council has demonstrated that it is possible to work within your means when times are lean. They have found ways to hold down cost with the promise of not lowering the services they provide. I commend all of the members of the council and those who wrote the budget.

  As a citizen of Sussex County I wish to say thank you.


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