King Obama Is At It Again

 This is a President that has done more with the presidential pen than he has through statesmanship. It is a president that if he thinks it, he decrees it. Just like all of his special czars he has appointed to positions that operate sometimes above the cabinet level with absolutely no congressional oversight or approval.

  Well , King Obama is at it again, with his plan to announce that he will be extending health care benefits to the homosexual partners of federal employees.

   We have had this argument here in Delaware about the cost and the fraud that will result from this, not to mention the fact that if you extend benefits to non married homosexuals then you will be forced to extend them to non married heterosexual couples.

 I believe that this move is two fold, one it is intended to get more people onto a government health care plan and second it is intended to legitimize the homosexual behavior of these federal employees to set precedent for pushing through homosexual marriage laws which will then be used to attack churches. This may also give governors such as our Gov. Markell the idea that they to can act as puppet king on a state level.

  This nation’s traditions and institutions are under constant attack from the far left radicals who would forever change the landscape of society and we as Americans must fight against this effort with  courage and conviction in the knowledge of what is right.


4 Responses to “King Obama Is At It Again”

  1. Tim J Says:

    We need to make it clear to leaders such as these that there is no point in them running for re-election. Our nation can’t afford President Obama anymore than I can afford being robbed at gunpoint. Somehow America has been convinced that if the thug robbing them has a smile and can speak well then it is okay to be robbed.

  2. frankknotts Says:

    Tim , the trouble is these are not leaders . Most of our elected officials are followers. They folow the polls when they are running, they follow the polls once they are elected and they follow the polls to get re-elected. Now some will say that by following the polls they are doing the will of the people. I would say by following the polls they are doing the will of those who put the poll into the field since polls can be minipulated to get the results that the group or person desires. The Republican party got Pres. Obama elected by forcing John McCain down the throats of the voters in a truncated primary. If the party hadn’t relized that they had made a mistake putting such a moderate liberal at the top of the ticket and decided to add Sarah Palin it would have been a complete blow out as even more Republicans would have stayed home.
    We need leaders with courage and vision and backbone. We need people who will get out and talk to people and not just some staged “TOWN HALL MEETING” , but really talk to the people to find out what it is the people really want.

  3. Tim J Says:

    I can run with that description of things, and I am willing to let these followers in Dover and in Washington follow the polls right out of office. That is what is going to start happening if (but more likely) when our elected officials don’t start showing real leadership, and properly representing us.

  4. frankknotts Says:

    Tim I agree, but the question becomes how long does it take before the voters wake up? How much damage will have been done by these opportunist that are the norm in political office at this time. We must focas not only on finding better candidates but also on educating voters. The hard part is weaning voters away from the easy mehtod. That is how do we convince people it is in their best interest to suffer through some hard times to actually make the nation stronger when you have candidates that promise the easey road of higher taxes and more government involvement?

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