President Obama To Make it Easier For Terrorist

   After the 9/11 attacks the 9/11 Commission suggested that the United States needed a form of national I.D. card. One that would make it harder for terrorist and illegal immigrants to forge or to acquire I.D.s through identity theft.

   The Bush administration had fought for the implementation of such an I.D. , but because the states did not want to pay for the cost of the mandate it has yet to happen.

   The Bush administration had been pushing for what was called the Real I.D. . The real I.D. would require a digital photograph , signature and a machine readable feature such as a bar code. The states would be required to verify an applicant’s identity and legal status by checking the data bases of federal immigrations, social security and the state department. It also requires the states to link data bases through a national hub to allow all states to collect and store and cross check such information. It also requires that DMVs verify birth certificates with originating agencies to control identity theft.

  The states have fought against the Real I.D. due to the cost of implementing the data bases.

  The Obama administration has now come out , through the Department of Home Land Security , with it’s own form of national I.D. , called the Pass I.D.. The Pass I.D. would drop the demand for the centralized data bases, one of the 9/11 Commissions recommendations, it also drops the requirement for DMVs to verify the birth certificates of applicants for drivers licenses. It also has stronger privacy controls which will make it more likely that terrorist and illegal immigrants will be able to attain or forge this new Pass I.D. .

  The bottom line on the Pass I.D. is that it is less strict and cheaper and will be funded by federal grants.

   Do we really want to go on the cheap with our national security? Is this just the Obama administration loosening the restrictions on immigration or is it President Obama showing the total disregard for national security that is so prevalent within the Democrat Party?

  Either way, to  reduce the requirements on obtaining identification  will only lead to more identity theft , more illegals coming into the country , and will increase the likely hood of terrorist being able to carry out another 9/11 type attack on the United States. Let it not be lost on us that the Obama administration’s version of a national I.D. card is titled the “PASS I.D.” , because it will allow more people to “PASS” into this country unnoticed


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