Fix That Pot Hole !!!

    Currently we are bearing witness to the largest expansion of government in the  history of the United States of America . This expansion has not come about by armed revolution, but by subtle , seductive small increments. Though in recent months we have seen an acceleration of this expansion.

   We see our Federal government taking over private industries such as  auto and banking and exerting more and more regulation upon others , such as energy and health care. Those of us who bother to learn know that this is socialism and is counter to all that this nation was founded upon.

   We ask ourselves how did we get to this point? How did we allow government to gain so much control over not only the largest industries in our nation , but also over some of the most basic aspects of our daily lives?

   Well I’ll tell you , we invited them in. That’s right we asked government to take over and to perform many of the things that we as private citizens use to and still could accomplice on our own if we so desired.

   This ball I call socialism didn’t start rolling at the top of the hill down . Oh no we have pushed it up the hill from the bottom. Has the Federal government been willing to take on anything that we ask it to, of course because government’s natural inclination is to grow if not held in check by the people through their voting , but also through the self control and will power to resist asking government to do that which they could do themselves.

  It starts when someone has a pot hole in the road at the end of their driveway. Now they could just go and buy a bucket of cold patch for asphalt and fill the hole themselves, but instead they call their Representative and ask what he or she is going to do about it. Well either the representative spends tax dollars through their discretionary fund or they call the department of transportation who may send out two guys in a truck to put a couple of shovels of cold patch in the hole.

    DOT is just as likely though to spend thousands of tax dollars to do a study to see if the entire road needs improvements, then they will hire engineers to draw up plans for those improvements, then the legislators will put the cost into the State budget and decide they don’t have enough funding within the State to fund the project.

   So now the State turns to our Washington Representative or Senator to have some federal dollars sent back to Delaware. No problem says the Federal government you can have the federal funding , but first you have to have a helmet law, and a seat belt law, and any number of other laws that no one in your state was screaming for but that the Federal government chooses to impose upon them.

  So the pork funding gets put into the Federal budget and the Federal government says that they don’t have enough revenue to pay for all of this so they have to raise the tax per gallon of gasoline to fund these highway projects around the nation. Even a tenth of a cent on gasoline will cost the citizens of this nation millions of dollars, and why? Because someone wouldn’t buy a forty or fifty dollar can of cold patch and fix the damned pot hole their self. 

  We see this type of government encroachment in other aspects of our lives. Just look at the education system. Local schools turn to the State instead of the local citizens, the State turns to the Federal government and at each level more restrictions and requirements are added, which only add to the cost of education and most times reduces the efficiency of the process and the quality of the final product, our future citizens. This is why we are forced to use standardized testing, because if we don’t the Federal government will cut funding. Many of the federal mandates are not even funded but must be funded by the state and local portion or lose the federal portion.

  Our Towns turn to the Counties , who in turn ask the State, who then goes to the Federal government and again with each added level we lose the control over what happens in our own back yards. This is how we end up having to abide by federal mandates, not because the Federal government has the power to force us to, but because they will cut the federal funding. So what? I would rather pay higher state taxes where I can exert more leverage upon my elected officials then to pay higher federal taxes that will be spent around the Nation in other states that I may never even visit.

   Every time we ask a higher level of government for assistance we weaken the more local government because they now must conform to the wishes of the next level of government and the next and the next.

  So if we have any hope of stopping this growing socialistic movement at the federal level we must continue to speak out against it. But more importantly we must start with ourselves. We must resist going to government for those things we can do ourselves. We must be willing to pay more , if  justified, at the local level so that we are not subjected to the whims of a Federal government that is to far removed from not only the problem but also from the attitude of the people that the problem and the solution affect.

  I guess what I am really saying is , stand on your own two feet and FIX THE DAMNED POT HOLE YOURSELF!!!!!!!!!!


3 Responses to “Fix That Pot Hole !!!”

  1. Tim J Says:

    Unfortunatly I was rased in a society where if you fix the pot hole or make other repairs or improvements on roads that the government has taken responsibility for you could be slapped with a fine or some other penalty. Then if someone else complains at the work you did, or someone is injured or has property damaged which is related to the repairs you did, your trouble can be even greater.

    Anyways earlier generations have set things up so that it becomes increasingly hard to be self sufficent. It will take a lot of work, and a lot of personal risk to get our country back on track.

  2. frankknotts Says:

    Tim , I hope that the fact that the “pot hole” was a metaphor was not lost. I do agree that our society is often dictated to by lawyers and law suits. Another reason why tort reform is so important. The real point is that we are allowing too many levels of government to be piled upon the simplest of problems and in doing so we are complicating our lives and burying our children with debt. It will take hard work , but it must start with the individual and spread upward, the same as the problem did so must the solution. We must teach our children self responsibility to try and break the cycle of the entitlement class. We are living through a period when control is held by a generation that considered itself the “counter culture” where socialism was considered the ideal. The trouble with trying to break this cycle is that as we have allowed government to gain more control , we have allowed ourselves fewer options and choices. And we know that once we have freely given up our liberties, government will not freely return them. We must elect people to the lowest of government post who feel that the problem is best handle by those closest to the problem and not to kick it up to the next rung on the ladder of government.

  3. Tim J Says:

    I pretty much agree. Obviously the problem is much bigger than pot holes. But as a nation we have and still are allowing the government to have greater control over what we can and can not do for ourselves. Everything from improvements on our property, the education of our children, our ability to help those in need around us, and more is regulated so that either we can’t do it without penalty or we have to jump through hoops to do things outside the norm which our government has set up.

    I also agree that we need to start this change in our homes. We also need to focus our work on returning common sence to the local government if we want to see a real and long-term change. We have to choose the right leaders for our city and county governments, and if they aren’t stepping up perhaps it will have to be us for a time. Gradualy those small government leaders we elect on a local level will filter up into state and federal politics. We also need to remember what the left has learned. Political influence is not limited to overtly political careers. No matter what career we choose or job we may have, if we garner any level of influence it can be used to share our political views.

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