More Late Term Abortions

    It has been announced that a Nebraska doctor, and I use the term doctor loosely , Dr. Le Roy Carhart will take up the slack in performing late term abortions in Kansas . There seems to be an urgent need for this type of child abuse in Kansas since former late term abortionist George Tiller was shot down at his church by a radical anti-abortionist.

   Dr. Carhart has worked in Kansas before to perform these late term abortions because Nebraska has laws against them , while Kansas seems to think them needed. In Kansas late term abortions can be performed if carrying the child full term would endanger the mothers life or if it would affect a major bodily function of the mother by giving birth.

 It has been determined by the courts that a major bodily function can include mental health. So if a woman in her last months of pregnancy decides that infanticide is less traumatic then giving birth, then the courts say  go ahead and end the child’s life.

  I guess there has been a large sigh of relief in Kansas that women there will still be able to make the “CHOICE” to have their child’s life ended in a brutal act of murder even though the child is  viable.


3 Responses to “More Late Term Abortions”

  1. Tim J Says:

    Abortion is a “choice” that ends all choices for another person who has committed no crime.

  2. frankknotts Says:

    Tim this may shock you but I’m pro choice , I believe all women have the right to choose not to have sex!

  3. Tim J Says:

    I am with you there. That is why I take a somewhat more nuanced possition on being pro-life than some people do. I may be wrong for it, but I believe if a woman’s real choice to have sex is taken away through rape, then she may be given an opportunity to choose to have the child or not. I personally would hope she chooses to bear the child and raise it, or adopt it out if she feels unable to deal with the pain of raising a child born of rape. However in that her choice to concieve was initially taken from her I would have a hard time with society and government also taking her choice to give birth. Rape would still not justify late term abortions, but I could see the morning after pill being included with rape kits.

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