Can’t Swing A Cat Without Hitting A Czar

    In the period from 1613 till 1917 Russia had eighteen Czars. Czars were imperial rulers with unlimited power to rule there nation.

    In little over seven months President Obama has created even more czars, from car czars to climate czars. Close to twenty some czars. These czars like those of Russian history seem to have unlimited power to make decisions that will have far reaching effects upon our nation.

   The latest czar to be named sometime next week will be , are you ready for this? The “pay czar”, his official title is no less arrogant or frightening , the  “Special Master for Compensation”.

   It is expected that Kenneth Feinberg who oversaw the payouts to 9/11 victims will be named to this czar position. He will report to Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner, but his decisions cannot be appealed to Sec. Geithner.

   Mr. Feinberg will be in charge of overseeing the executive pay of all companies receiving bailout money , these include banks , insurers, and auto makers. There is the concern that his oversight could be expanded to regulate all companies within these industries and in the future, like all government programs to grow to the point of regulating all pay in all facets of our economy.

   These czars that the President is appointing in many cases are acting above the cabinet level with absolutely no congressional oversight or approval. This it would seem is a violation of  separation of powers. The president is acting as a czar himself in appointing people to make these types of decisions without the input or approval of elected officials who then must answer to the voters.

  It took an armed revolution for the people of Russia to rid themselves of the Czars, and they were no better off . What will it take for the United States to rid ourselves of these czars and how much damage will have been done in the meantime ?


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  1. Tim J Says:

    I am hoping that the 2012 election will be the cure to all these Tzars, but I am not too sure. Even if we do oust President Obama there are very few politicians with aspirations to the highest office in the nation that could also overcome the temptation of all the power that President Obama is amassing.



    I must say that your articles are well thought out and your articulation is improving. Interesting perspectives. JUD

  3. frankknotts Says:

    Tim , we can’t wait until 2012, we must fight for every seat in the House and Senate in 2010. But maybe even more important we must fight to win every position on the local level, from dog catcher on up. We need true conservatives with vision and courage to resist the federal dollars. It is the local governments that are willing to sell their local control for federal funding. It is through federal funding that the federal government worms it’s way into our lives. We must ask ourselves would we not be better off to pay higher local and state taxes if it means retaining control on the local level where we would have a more responsive government by means of the ballot box?This does not mean that we should trade one punitive government tax for another. As we barter off our state rights we have less and less say in the way our tax dollars are spent. And now with Pres. Obama opointing people to these positions that are not even approved by congress we have absolutely no say and no recourse to stop this trend of government highjacking that has taken place.
    And to you Mr. Bennett , I thank you, your opinions of my work are always varied and sometimes colorful.

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