Not Fast Enough ?

  President   Obama has come out , at the urging of Vice President Biden it would seem , and stated that due to making sure that safe guards were in place to protect against fraud and waste , that the stimulus package that has been forced upon the American people  has not been implemented as fast as he would have liked . Now that these so called safe guards are in place the pace of the government take over of private industry can now be increased.

  Are you kidding me ? Not fast enough ? In Little over seven months this administration has taken over banks , insurance companies, two thirds of the auto industry, and now wants to take over and ruin the health care industry.

  Not fast enough? If it were any faster we would all be wearing red bandannas and calling him “Dear Leader” instead of Mr. President by now.

   As predicted this so called stimulus package has shown no real effect on the economy, as the indicators continue to fall. So like all socialist leaders what does Pres. Obama call for ? Why more government spending , more government takeover and more government control of every aspect of our lives.

  I ask every honest thinking person out there who voted for this president , is this the “CHANGE” you were “HOPING” for?

  If we do not stem the tide of socialism that this man is spreading with the help of a conspiratorial Congressional majority and a mostly silent opposition minority then the future of this nation is in question. The question being ,will we continue to be the freest and wealthiest nation , or will we allow this administration to turn us into the largest , poorest third world nation in history ?

   At a time when we see European nations learning from their mistakes and  electing more conservative leaders , we here in the United States are shifting left and actually repeating the mistakes of Europe.

   If we allow the nationalization of our health care industry it will be decades before we can repair the damage it will do, to not only the greatest health care system in the world but to our economy . It will have a rippling effect throughout our everyday lives as the government gains control of what you eat, drink , the activities that you participate in , the cars that you drive and any facet of your life that the government determines to be too risky and also too costly to the national health care system. Oh and let us not forget the elderly , the cost of treating the chronic ailments of the elderly will be determined to be too costly.  With everything that is determined too costly you will see the government making the choice to either raise the cost to the insured through supplemental charges or not paying for it at all and leaving the person to fend for themselves.

  You must remember that in taking over the health care system , the goal is not to lower the cost or to make it better, the goal is to gain control of the lives of the citizens of the United States.

  We have seen our banking and auto industries nationalized with little or no resistance . We can little afford to allow the same thing to happen to our health care, the ramifications would be too far reaching and would take possibly generations of voters to repeal it,  if it would be possible at all.


3 Responses to “Not Fast Enough ?”

  1. Tim J Says:

    President Obama has already brought on a state of tachycardia to the economic heart of America, but not being satisfied he wants to induce a series of atrial flutters. Then to prevent us from developing blood clots and having a stroke he put America on economic blood thinners. Unfortunatly our nations economic wrists have been slit so it is only a matter of time before we bleed out completely. Apparently the President isn’t willing to wait that long for America to die. Probably because he can’t fullfil his messiah complex and resurect America to its perfect form until after it has died. What happens when he finally is hit by the reality that he isn’t capable of being the country’s messiah? I’m sure he will feel really bad and be awfully sorry at that point, but he can always just blame everything on former President Bush.

    The interesting thing about malpractice is that even though the doctor may not have created the patient’s original problem, if their reckless and improper treatment causes new problems or even death, the doctor can still be sued or even prosecuted.

  2. frankknotts Says:

    Tim to run with your analogy , I don’t see Pres. Obama as a malpracticing doctor. I see him as Dr. Kevorkian and he has the nation hooked up to his suicide machine and the people are willing to push the button themselves for the promise of relief from the pain of the very economic melt down that Pres, Obama has created.

  3. Tim J Says:

    Well the only difference I see between how Dr. Kevorkian treated his patients and how President Obama is treating this nation is that Dr. Kevorkian promised to end the pain with death and that was it. He made no claims at ressurecting his patients. President Obama never explicitly tells America he is trying to kill her. He just offers a cure to all her problems. A cure which unfortunatly involves killing her and then bringing her back to life, if there is a miracle and it actually works.

    I will also say that President Obama didn’t create the problems, but his cure of forcing America to bleed to death isn’t helping much. It is up to us to see death at our doorstep and reawaken the will to live. If we do, I know that America can survive and even thrive again.

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