Starting To See The Truth ?

  Are more people starting to see the truth about our new president?

  In the most resent Rasmussen Reports poll , President Obama’s leadership rating has fallen to it’s lowest level ever.

   Fifty one percent of respondents rate the president as good or excellent , it was fifty five in May.  Twenty seven percent rate Pres. Obama as a poor leader , up from twenty four percent.

    Fifty eight percent of Democrats rate Pres. Obama as an excellent leader , while forty seven percent of Republicans rate him as poor. Forty three percent of Independent voters rate the president as good or excellent.

   Thirty two percent of those responding rated the president’s style as too cooperative and thirteen percent rated his style as too confrontational.

  While this is not a huge shift overall it would seem to indicate that the American voters are starting to see the truth about the intentions of our current president and that when it comes to leading the nation that he has no real plan other than to tear down the traditions and institutions that have made us the freest nation in history.


2 Responses to “Starting To See The Truth ?”

  1. Tim J Says:

    I can’t say that the poll numbers are supprising. I expect the general trend to keep falling.

    I wonder if recognizing the failure of what President Obama is doing will be accompanied by recognizing the success of small government, and capitalism. I worry that America may be learning a lesson, but not the whole lesson.

  2. frankknotts Says:

    Tim that is why it is important for people like yourself to speak out and up to anyone who will listen and if you have children of an age to understand educate them because Pres. Obama’s plan will effect ehm even more than it will you and I.

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