Change Our Mind Set

  With the nationalization of GM on Monday it is time for Americans to change their mind set.

   We must face the fact that we are no longer fighting to preserve our way of life , be it capitalism, free market economy or even democracy.

  We must come to understand that we have already lost many of the liberties that have defined our nation throughout history as free. We must recognize that we are now fighting to regain our way of life. We are fighting the creeping slime of socialism and those who for whatever reason choose that path.

  We must fight while we still have the power with our choices of what we buy. Don’t allow the government to tell you you must drive a car that is too small for your needs. Don’t let the socialist tell you it is better to pay more for solar and wind power when they won’t allow you to manufacture nuclear or to drill for domestic oil.

   We must fight for our freedoms by electing leaders who are willing to stand against the radical socialist of our nation and around the world . Who will put our nation’s interest before all else. And if they won’t then we must fight  by putting different people into office who will and stop electing people based on who’s turn it is or who has worked themselves up through the party chairs.

 I would rather have a complete unknown in office who is honest and conservative than to have a known name who sways with the political wind.

  We must fight by voicing our own opinions to our leaders and insisting that they listen. We must fight by telling our neighbors who may not be as involved what is happening. We must fight by getting involved in the political parties to stem the trend of moderation and socialism that seems to be sweeping them into the dust bin of uselessness.

  Those who stand by quietly as socialism takes away all of our freedoms may be the last to fall, and those who rage may be the first, but I would rather fail with honor than to capitulate like a coward.


4 Responses to “Change Our Mind Set”

  1. Tim J Says:

    Very true, the American way is no longer there to be preserved, it can only be restored anew. It is very dissapointing to see that the legacy of our founders slipped from our grasp right as my generation is rising. Hopefully we can be the genration that brings about that restoration rather than leaving it to another.

  2. david anderson Says:

    Stop whining. The government turned Amtrack around in the 70’s didn’t they? Well, they will in another 15 or 20 years. You just watch.

  3. Tim J Says:


    The only way the government is going to turn anything around is if it is grasped firmly in my hands and the hands of other citizens and not the other way around.

    Our government, like carbon monoxide poisoning, is a silent killer. If there is too much of it, it smothers you, often without you even being aware. Then you go to sleep and never wake up.

  4. frankknotts Says:

    Tim and David , you are correct , the weight of government is applied in such small amounts and spead over such a large area of the demographic in this creeping style of socialist revolution that few people realize that they are carrying the weight of so many others . And that is what socialism is , it is the few carrying the weight for the many. The working class is expected to supply the non productives with all of their needs through a punitive tax code and government funded programs. Sound fimilar? The problem is that as people realize the system rewards the lazy and non productive then it creates more non productives and fewer people who can be taxed. This is what leads to the collapse of the socialist state , it cannot support the top heavey system and deliver on the promises it makes to the people.

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