This Is Not The Way

  Notorious Kansas abortionist (Dr.?) George Tiller 67yrs. old was gunned down while serving as an usher at his church by what can only be described as a radical anti abortionist.  Mr. Tiller’s clinic had been bombed in 1985 and he had been shot in 1993.

   As the argument rages  over abortion we can never allow ourselves to lose sight of the law. We cannot allow ourselves to become that which we condemn. We can not take the law into our own hands. Murdering one abortionist , no matter how heinous his history, will not solve the social ills created by abortion. Killing abortionist one at a time will not change society’s concept of this dreadful practice.

  We must educate society about what this cruel despicable act truly is , that it is not a choice but that it is murder. We must teach that there are choices other then to kill innocent   babies.  We must educate our children about abstinence and the value of life so that if they make the mistake of an unwanted pregnancy that they have options other than abortion.

  Mr. Tiller’s life time of killing does not justify the act of killing him, it will only galvanize many who were not sure of their opinion on the issue.

  Anyone who is unsure of where they stand on the issue of abortion please read my article on this blog site under the category of abortion and titled “You Tell Me ” and then go and stand at the window of a maternity ward and tell me which child you would condemn to suffer any of the abortion methods described in the article.


2 Responses to “This Is Not The Way”

  1. david anderson Says:

    Agreed, the problem is that people like the accused don’t care about convincing anyone. They go by their own rules period. This character was an anarchist who didn’t believe in taxes, social security numbers, the 14th amendment, driver’s licenses, or just about anything else. He didn’t even respect the church enough not to gun a man down in it. He had previous convictions for weapons charges and bomb materials. He was a lawless individual.

  2. frankknotts Says:

    Correct David and it is this type of person who is looking to take on any issue as a cause just to gain their own personal fame through acts of violence. Then the pro abortion side latches on to them and lables all pro lifers as nut cases.

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