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Hope Your Happy Delaware

June 30, 2009

 On Monday the Delaware State House passed it’s budget proposal and now it will move to the Senate today.

  Well Delaware I hope that you are happy with the leadership of the state.

  Here are some of the high lights of the way this Legislature has chosen to balance an out of control spending problem.

  They will raise the income tax on the middle class.

   They will raise the tax on tobacco.

   They will raise the gross reciepts tax.

   They will raise the public utilities tax.

    They will eliminate the exemption for lottery winnings.

   They will re-establish the estate tax.

   They will raise they fees for alcohol licenses and other public documents.

   They will establish a new tax on the transferring of oil from tanker to ship within Delaware waters.

   And all of this was done as a compromise with the Republicans. And what did the Republicans get in return? The promise from the leadership and the Governor that they will reduce the number of state employees in the coming years through attrition, WOW I can hardly believe the Governor was willing to give up so much.

   Well to all of you who put this leadership and this governor into power, I hope you are extremely happy with all of you higher taxes, and from all of us who are paying the bulk of these taxes thank you so very much for lowering our standard of living.


Another Obama Lie !

June 29, 2009

  Advisers for Pres. Obama have come out and said that the President will be considering the possibility of taxing health benefits in order to pay for his health care plan.

  But unlike his campaign promise of  ” I pledge under my plan, no one making under $250,000.00 a year will see any type of tax increase”  , ” not income tax, not capital gains tax, not any kind of tax” , the President is now saying that he wouldn’t rule out taxing some employee benefits of people who make less than $250,000.00 a year, to fund a health care agenda that has no final form as of yet.

   During the campaign, candidate Obama attacked his opponent Sen. John Mc Cain for suggesting this same basic plan, candidate Obama even called this plan , ” the largest middle class tax increase in history”.

   Pres. Obama’s proposed plan would set limits on the amount of untaxed health benefits an employee could receive, $17,240.00 for families and $6,800.00 for singles. Any benefits over these limits would be taxed , just like income.

  So once again this president wants to punish the successful and he feels that he should get to define what is considered successful.

  And once again he is proving himself to be a liar. Where are all of the liberals who supported him ? Why are they not screaming also about the fact that he is now on his way to taxing the middle class into the lower class?

  Many of us warned the Obama supporters that to be careful of supporting the idea of taxing the “RICH”, because once he had taxed the so called “RICH” he would have to move on to the middle class , and then he will just continue to lower the bar of what is considered “RICH”.

  This man is the most dangerous president we have ever had due to the fact that so many people are just plain afraid to speak in opposition of these socialist programs because we were told that his election was historic and who wants to be on the wrong side of history? Well if it is Pres. Obama’s view of the future that ends up being history then count me out.

  P.S.  I can only assume that Rep. Mike Castle (RINO-De ) will support this plan to tax health benefits , of course only after carefully weighing the cost of doing nothing !!!!

I Wonder What He Got For His Vote ?

June 28, 2009

 I’ve gone back and tried to see why Rep. Castle (RINO-De ) voted for the “American Clean Energy and Security Act”. And truly I am confused. It would seem that the congressman had voted with the Republicans for the most part on all motions pertaining to this act, that is right up until the final vote for passage and then he crossed party lines.

  So I have to ask , what did he get in return for his vote from the Democrats ?

  Or is it just vanity, that he is one of those types that feels he has to be on the winning side , even if the winning side is wrong , even if Mr. Castle himself has said that he believes that this energy tax will cause people to pay more for everything they purchase. Even if it is obvious that this energy bill will cause people to lose their jobs. Even if this bill will do nothing to reduce the global levels of Co2 emissions.

   So did Rep. Castle sell out the American people for some promised support for some pet project , such as sand for the beaches of Delaware ,so he can come back during an election cycle and tell us how wonderful it is that he was able to bring back to Delaware a minuscule amount of the tax dollars that are stolen from us by the federal government every year ?

  It will be of little consequence to the people who are paying more at the gas pumps and to buy higher priced electric and home heating oil ,that the people who travel from other states will have wide sandy beaches to relax on , that is if they can afford to travel at all.

The Cost Of Doing Nothing ?

June 27, 2009

  ” The cost of doing nothing” , this is the lame excuse that Rep. Mike Castle (RINO-De) gave for his reason for voting for President Obama’s energy tax bill in the House of Representatives.

   Let me start this rant by telling everyone that back in October or November right before the election I had the chance to speak to Mr. Castle and asked him why he had voted for the TARP bill, can you guess the reason he gave me for voting for that piece of crap bill? That’s right you guessed it , he said that he had weighed “the cost of doing nothing”. If he is going to be a coward of a politician then he could  at least come up with a couple of different lines when he attempt to lie to the voters.

   I have had this argument so many times with others within the GOP, but I will state it here one more time. If I vote for this type of Republican, that has a long history of voting with the opposition , then what have I as a conservative gained by having an “R” behind his name? NOT ONE DAMN THING” that’s what.

    He comes out and says that he knows that this bill will create a burden on every American due to higher cost for energy, which will lead to the cost of all goods and food to also go up , and yet he voted for it.

   In the past I have held my nose and voted for him even though he also has had a history of being socially liberal, but this is the final straw. I will vote for a member of the American Communist Party before I will ever vote for Mike Castle again. I will vote for a homosexual abortionist who is a member of the American Communist Party before I will vote for Mike Castle. I don’t care if he is the front runner for Senate or the House of Representatives or for the dog catcher of Gumboro I will speak out against him at every chance.

  Mike Castle not only let down his party, he not only let down the people who voted for him , he not only let down every American citizen but he let down generations to come if this bill now gets through the Senate. This bill will punish the successful, it will punish the poor , it will punish my child and my child’s children .

  This man who can come out and say that he knows that this energy tax will be detrimental to the American citizens and then votes for it anyway should not be allowed to ever hold office of any kind ever again and if his election ever hinges on one vote and that vote is mine he never will.

  It is because of support for this type of Republican that the GOP is in the shape that it is . 

  What we should be asking ourselves is , what is the cost of electing Mike Castle ?

Obama One Step Closer To Destroying The Economy

June 27, 2009

   It would seem to those of us of a conservative mind ,that everything that President Obama has done or is proposing to do has but one goal, to destroy the U.S. economy.

  Now that the President’s “CLIMATE BILL” or “ENERGY PLAN”or “JOB CREATION LEGISLATION ” or whatever name he cares to hang on this rubbish has passed the U.S. House of Representatives in a razor thin vote of 219-212, the President it would seem is one step closer to achieving his goal of destroying the nations economy. It is expected to have a tougher time in the Senate but don’t hold your breath with party hacks like Senator Tom Carper (D-De) there to tote the water for Pres. Obama.

   This president has put into place more anti capitalism plans and regulations in his short time in office, then Stalin was able to achieve in his life time .

  The nationalization of the banking and auto industries, an endless number of czars to run his puppet government outside of congressional oversight and approval. His attack on the health care industry and now this sweeping legislation that will do nothing but add another expense to the budgets of the ordinary American family. This is nothing but a tax on our everyday lives. This will not lower the amount of Co2 that companies emit in this country and even if it does it will do nothing to lower global output due to the fact that countries such as China and India have already said they would never put into place theses types of caps. Why? Because they are economic suicide.

  This president seems to be hell bent on destroying what once was the greatest economy in the world. And with the help of a compliant congress and a lap dog media it seems as if he may be able to do to the United States what decades of Soviet leaders were unable to do and that is to bring us low and to convert the shining light of liberty and economic freedom to nothing more than a third world socialist dictatorship that can’t even feed it’s own people.

  And if you think what he has done so far is frightening, wait until you see what he has in store on immigration. Just at a time when unemployment is soaring , he will advocate to allow even more illegal immigrants into the country to take jobs and lower the salaries of actual United States citizens.

  This madness must be stopped, and 2010 may be our last chance !!

What Happened ?

June 26, 2009

  What happened in this country? Why is it that when we buy toys for our children , or a lamp for our den , or any number of items for our everyday life , that item is most likely manufactured in a foreign country? Even my Ford pick-up that was assembled in America is made up of  parts manufactured in Mexico.

   What happened to the old motto of “buy American” ? When did we stop taking pride in our own country. When did we give up our own national interest for the sake of price or convenience ?

  This nation was once a nation of producers, a nation of achievers , a nation that sent men to the moon. We were a nation of innovators and builders and dreamers who believed that if it could be dreamed then it could be achieved.

  There was nothing that this nation couldn’t do, we manufactured steel, and we turned that steel into the things we wanted right here in this country. We had the natural resources and the ability to build ships and airplanes and cars . We had the technology to build TVs and radios and telephones, refrigerators , and toys.

   We were once able to produce enough food for not only our own needs but also enough to sell to other countries.

  So what happened? Did we run out of the natural resources ? NO! Did our citizens lose the ability to dream ? MAYBE!

   No , I believe that what has happened in this country is due to our government’s continuing efforts to regulate very aspect of not only our industries but every aspect of our personal lives.

  Due to regulations placed on our manufacturers , companies continue to move to other countries. If the companies are somewhere else then the dreamers will be somewhere else also, so that they have the means to bring their dreams to fruition.

  Our government has made this nation a hostile work place for those who wish only to achieve their dreams of what used to be known as the American dream, to be successful. That dream can no longer be achieved due to the amount of taxes and regulations placed on the individual.

   When you add in the government supported unions ,it is no wonder that manufacturers are leaving in droves.

  When you add in the fact that the government attempts to supply and control all of the people’s wants and needs , it is no wonder that we have become for the most part a lazy complacent people.

  Why should we bother to dream when we have a government that tells us what is needed? Why should we invent when we will be told that our invention does not fit the plan of the government? Why should we build if we will be punished for building? Why should we achieve success only to have it stolen at the point of a gun and under the threat of imprisonment and to be told that  it is necessary for the good of the many?

  If this is what our government wants then maybe we should all just give in. Maybe we should all just quit our jobs and apply for unemployment and welfare and government run health care. Maybe we should refuse to produce so much as a match stick.

  Then let us see how long our new socialist government can survive, how long would it be before they were marching us at gun point to work camps ?

  It is because we willingly place our heads into the yokes of the carts that the government is able to drive us here and there in any direction they choose.It is because we cling to the illusion of freedom that the government is able to enslave us under the taskmaster’s whip of a punitive tax code. It is because we believe that because we elect our dictators that they must answer to us .

   We have been too long blind to the fact that we are no longer free, that we turned over our freedom of choice when we decided it was easier to allow the government to make our decisions for us. When we allow the government to decide what type of car we will drive. What kind of light bulb we will use. What we will heat our homes with. What type of food we will eat. Where we will buy our health care or even if we wish to buy health care.

  In some nations throughout history the freedoms of people were taken violently. But here in the United States we have given our freedom away due to being fat, lazy and disinterested . We are no better than the veal calf that is kept in a four by three pen. That calf has no concerns for freedom because it is fed and watered. And when the time comes for the calf to be slaughtered it merely stands there looking up expecting nothing more than another helping of feed from the nice man who has fed it for the few months of it’s life , and when it’s throat is slit , that calf is shocked . That is what the people who stand in some government  line waiting for their hand out that they have always gotten will experience the day the government can no longer deliver on the promise.

President Obama’s Carbon Smoke Screen

June 25, 2009

 President Obama will start the hard push for his so called energy plan tomorrow, of course we will be served up a healthy supply of words like dire , desperate, critical,grievous, and urgent. This has become the tactic of choice for our president .

  The center piece of this energy plan is carbon cap and trade. For those who have been off the planet for the last twelve years or so let me bring you up to date. Cap and trade when speaking of Co2 is a plan where the government basically takes control of all Co2 outputs within the United States. They began this process by having Co2 listed as a pollutant, this is completely idiotic since Co2 is a naturally accuring  element. For the sake of all that is holy we breath it out with every breath we take.

  Now once they have taken control of Co2 through regulation , the government then decides how much Co2 any given industry or individual manufacturer will be allowed to emit.

  Smaller companies will end up with carbon credits which they can then sell to larger companies who have gone over their government allowed Co2 levels. We will also see companies spring up who’s only purpose will be to trade in carbon credits which they will sell to the highest bidder. I believe former Vice President Al Gore already is in this business (things that make you go umm?)

  President Obama is trying to sell this as being a way to stop global warming(which doesn’t need to be stopped) by forcing manufacturers including energy production to reduce their Co2 output. He is also saying that this will create millions of jobs in the production of green energy.

  The only thing that cap and trade will do is to drive up the cost of manufactured goods from companies still in this country and to drive out even more due to this tax. The ones who remain will be forced to pass on the additional cost that buying these credits will add to doing business ,to the consumers.

  In the energy generation field it will also add to the cost of heating fuels, gasoline and electric. These added cost will effect the poorest among us the most through higher cost at the pump and to heat their homes.

  This is part of the Obama plan to force green energy down our throats. He will first subsidize alternative energy sources through his stimulus plan and then drive up the cost of traditional energy sources with his cap and trade plan. This will have the effect of making alternative fuels appear to be cost competitive when in fact it will only be raising the cost of traditional fuels through regulation and taxation and artificially lowering the cost of the alternative fuels through subsidies. As a side note this could also be a way to drive the energy industry to the edge of failing , allowing the government to step in and bail them out and to take over our energy industry as they have our lending , auto and are attempting to take over health care.

  This plan will be a push at best for creating new jobs because for every job you gain in producing alternative fuels you will lose at least one or more in the traditional fuels , this cap and trade will also cause loss of jobs due to companies leaving the country.

  The real lie  in this whole thing is that this will do absolutely nothing to reduce Co2 output. All cap and trade will do is to force companies to pay for the right to emit Co2 it won’t force them to stop emitting Co2 and is not truly intended to. The government will also be able to tax the income earned buy the companies selling the credits. And like anything the government earns revenue from such as cigarettes, even though the government has labeled it bad , the government will not actually attempt to put them out of business because it would be a loss of revenue.

  I believe that this energy plan is nothing more than a smoke screen for a larger agenda that will have an end result of causing higher prices for goods and energy which will force even more people to run to the nanny state.

States Become Whores For Obama Stimulus

June 25, 2009

  We are seeing across the nation, states such as Delaware , California and many others that are in over their heads due to unchecked spending and waste by those state and local governments.

  These states are perfect targets for the Obama stimulus plan. These state legislators who got themselves and their citizens into this fiscal mess due to their inability to resist spending money that was not theirs and in some cases that the state didn’t even have are exactly the type of states that the Obama administration is counting on to run to the federal government for stimulus money as a way to bail themselves out of the very mess they created.

  Trouble is that with this federal money comes federal involvement into the affairs of the individual states. No federal money comes without strings in the form of federal regulations and requirements. Don’t be surprised to see requirements for matching funds in some cases which will cause state taxes to be increased. Also don’t forget that those federal dollars originated within the states to begin with, they were taxed out of the state, sent to Washington , sifted around by congress and then a very small portion of that state’s money actually comes back to the state’s citizens whom it was stolen from.

  What we are seeing with this administration is a contracting of power away from the individual states back onto the federal government. In some cases we are seeing this through federal regulations imposed upon the states  by agencies such as the EPA, but now with the stimulus program we will see states giving over their sovereignty and states rights for the promise of federal funding, just so these state legislators can continue to spend as if there were no tomorrow .

  What this will lead to is fifty small powerless soviets instead of fifty strongly united states with fifty distinct legislative bodies serving the individual needs of their state citizens. We will see the federal model imposed through coercion upon states. This means that citizens within a state will lose their power to decide what is best for their state. And as the state falls  prey to the federal government so will local governments who are also becoming whores for the stimulus money , contracting the power base even more.

  The intention of the founders was to have a small federal uniting hub of a government with strong radiating spokes (states) that would continue to spread and increase in size and scope making the whole larger and stronger. With this contracting of power we are seeing the hub become stronger , but the spokes are being weakened to the point of breaking and when they do the wheel will fail.

  States and their legislators would be far better off to refuse the federal money and it’s strings, even if it means losing other federal dollars, even if it means raising taxes within the state, so that the states can retain their sovereignty .

  Too many state legislators are weak and frightened to the point that they would rather whore themselves and their citizens out to the federal government , rather than speak the truth to the citizens and raise taxes within the state so that those tax dollars would stay within the states. It is easier for them to take the Obama stimulus money and say “we didn’t raise your taxes the federal government did.” But remember that the money was taken from you because the state was not fiscally responsible to begin with and then because they were lazy and bought into the socialist formula of the Obama administration.

Senate Bill 121

June 24, 2009

  Today Senate Bill 121 was passed in the Delaware State Senate. This bill is the latest incarnation of previous attempts to pass anti discrimination legislation  to protect homosexuals.  This bill will add homosexuals to a growing list of classes of people who the state has determined needs protection from discrimination, such as minorities and women.

  The bill is expected to pass the House and to be signed by Gov. Markell.

  So what does this mean for Delaware ? I believe it means that in the future many businesses will be put out of business by law suits , especially small businesses. I also believe that this is just a stepping stone towards legalizing homosexual marriage in Delaware, I also believe it is a move towards instituting a homosexual curriculum within the public schools.  I don’t think these assumptions are that wild since amendments to block this bill from being used to put into place a homosexual curriculum and to legalize homosexual marriage were defeated.

  I also think that this bill will be used by groups such as the ACLU to attack churches who refuse to marry homosexuals .

  The bill allows people who identify themselves as homosexuals to bring charges against landlords and employers for discriminating on the basis of sexual orientation. But who gets to decide what was in the landlord or employer’s minds when they refused to hire or rent to these people? This bill will also open the state up to being sued itself.

  Also discrimination based on sexual orientation is not the same as sexual discrimination or racial discrimination because homosexuality is a choice.

  I have yet to see anyone show proof that this law is needed, what are the numbers when it comes to discrimination of homosexuals. I don’t see a lot of homeless homosexuals due to them not being able to rent or buy homes. Does the Department of Labor have statistics that show that there are a large number of homosexuals who are unemployed?

   Really this is just agenda driven legislation and also a way for certain legislators to pay back the support they received in their elections.

  What this bill will actually accomplish is to further erode traditional values within the state and nothing else.

Thurman G.Adams Jr. 1928-2009

June 23, 2009

  The state of Delaware received sad news today, long time State Senator Thurman G. Adams Jr. has passed away due to pancreatic cancer. It would seem that Senator Adams was not being treated for the cancer but had just been diagnosed just in the past weeks. As someone who lost their sister to this terrible disease this may have been a blessing for the family. My deepest sympathies and prayers go out to the Senator’s family. The Senator was eighty years old.

  Senator Adams was the Senate President Pro Tem and had served in the Delaware State Senate since 1972, setting a record for length of service within the Senate. This longevity I believe can be attributed to the fact that Sen. Adams was an old school politician who believed in representing the people of his district .  He was well liked and had support from both Democrats and Republicans alike , I myself had voted for him.

  His passing will leave a large hole to be filled in the political fabric of the state of Delaware.