Red Sonia !

  Well , as if we haven’t seen enough reasons why the elections in 2010 and 2012 are so important with the socialist agenda of our current president , we today were given a glimpse of things to come with his nomination of Sonia Sotomayor as the next Supreme Court Judge.

   Sotomayor was one of four on the short list when the President made his choice on Monday. By the way all four were women, leading one to believe that the president was more interested in gender and race then he was in judicial competence. The other three were Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napalitano, Solicitor General Elena Kagan, and federal appeals judge Diane Wood of Chicago.

   It was reported that the President had interviewed Ms. Wood , but  Sotomayor was at the White House on Thursday for seven hours without being discovered by reporters ( wink, wink) , I’m pretty sure I saw that in a West Wing episode.

   It would seem that the administration and it’s lap dog media pooches would like to paint Judge Sotomayor in the most sympathetic light as possible. We are already being told of her childhood, how she was raised in a Bronx housing project and lost her father at age nine.  They are also going to great lengths to point out that her diabetes will not be an issue.

   Of course we are  once again being subjected to having to hear how historic this is to have the first Hispanic who also happens to be a women on the highest court in the land. Yeah because when I’m having a case that might mean life or death pled in front of the highest court in the land what I’m most concerned with is whether or not the court has enough Hispanics or women on it, forget about whether they have the right judicial temperament to be able to put aside their own life and to decide the case based solely on the law .

   We will have to wait and see if the Republicans in the Senate have the guts to take this Hispanic women to task over such things as her statement to the Duke University law school in 2005 that appeals courts ” are where policy is made”. Of course we will have to endure the media screaming sexism and racism if they do, because after all it would be historic, wow where have we heard that before?

   One other thing that gives me pause is that it is being pointed out by the administration that Judge Sotomayor does not have a long paper trail when it comes to abortion. So I guess we are to believe that Pres. Obama is going to give us a Supreme Court Justice who is pro-life ? HA! HA! HA! This is merely a strategy so that the Republicans have nothing to point to.

  I would also encourage everyone to look into things being said about Justice Sotomayor by people who have worked with her and who have argued cases before her bench, not very encouraging.


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