Got It Right

  On Tuesday May the 26th the California Supreme Court got it right in a six to one decision  written by Chief Justice Ron George  that upheld a ban on homosexual marriage that was put into place by proposition eight , a ballot initiative.

   In this finding the court upheld the right of the voters to decide the issues based on the constitution of their state. If only we had had a few more brave souls here in Delaware we might have seen our own constitution amended to protect traditional marriage. And yes I know that we don’t have referendum in Delaware and that is why it is so, so very important to elect people who see that the majority of the people are not in favor of homosexual marriage.

   Thank goodness that this court had the courage and the judicial temperament to uphold the law and not to cave to pressure from the vocal minority.


3 Responses to “Got It Right”

  1. David Anderson Says:

    Agreed. It would have been a completely lawless action to disregard the very constitution that created the court.

  2. Tim J Says:

    Instead of a state amendment defending traditional marriage we are now faced with a city resolution to support homosexual marriage in Dover.

    The Dover Human Relations Commission Gay Marriage Resolution

    WHEREAS, marriage between two individuals should be based on love, not the gender of those persons;
    WHEREAS, marriage furnishes rights and responsibilities to spouses which are not fully recognized by civil unions;
    WHEREAS, five states have officially approved gay marriage and several others recognize such status transferred from other states;
    WHEREAS, citizens of Dover should be able to legally practice gay marriage if that is their choice;
    WHEREAS, the Dover Human Relations Commission fosters positive human relations, intergroup cooperation, and tolerance of different ideas;
    NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, that the Dover Human Relations Commission urges the Mayor and City Council to take a stand in support of gay marriage as a human right, and to advocate for passage of a law permitting gay marriage in Dover and throughout the State of Delaware.

    The Dover Human Relations Commission meeting tonight showed that the public largely opposes the measure. I was at the meeting and even stayed after the public forum for the regular DHRC meeting. It is clear durring both portions of the meeting that the option to change or overturn this resolution in Commission is still open. I hope that such will be the case. This will be voted on by the commission next month if they hold to the current schedule.

  3. frankknotts Says:

    I’m not sure what the DHRC hopes to accomplish with a city ordinance. That homosexuals can be married while within city limits? It is obvious that they are hoping for a ground swell of support throughout the state of course they can count on the likes of Rep. Schwartzkopf for support.
    These groups are looking for media coverage on a national scale. And the end game in my opinion is not the right to marry, the real driving force behind this is to be able to level law suits against churches. I happen to believe that it is important for two people who love each other to be committed to each other honestly within their hearts. A law does not make that union any stronger or any more or less legitimate. There are legal ways to ensure that their “partners” can have all of the legal rights of property as married men and women have.
    I believe that the radicals behind the push for theses type of laws , such as the homosexual discrimination bill here in Delaware was just a stepping stone towards an attack on churches and their right to refuse to perform homosexual ceremonies.

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