Can Never Be Said Enough

It can never be said enough , so let me say it once again . Thank you to all of our Veterans, and to all of the families of our fallen heroes thank you for your sacrifice.

   This weekend is traditionally the beginning of summer. With that goes all of the summertime  fun and parties. It is a time when we start to think of cookouts and going to the beach. Children begin to realize that it won’t be long until the schools release them back onto the unsuspecting public.

   You may be wondering how high will gas prices  go this summer and trying to figure out if you can afford that vacation that you have been putting off since last summer.

  You may just be going about your usual business of cutting the grass and grilling a couple of steaks and waiting for the NASCAR race to start( okay I know there are still ten Indy car fans out there).

   But this weekend and especially on Monday when you sit down to have your baked beans and hot dogs take a moment to remember .

   Remember the estimated 2,500 men who died from disease, hunger and exposure at Valley Forge in 1777-1778 just to give birth to this great nation.

   Remember the untold number of our fellow citizens who died to preserve this union in The Civil War and also those who died fighting for what they believed were their rights.

   Remember those who died in the mud of France in WWI, the war to end all wars.

   Remember all those who died from Pearl Harbor to Europe to Japan in WWII , the next war to end all wars.

   Then  Korea, to stop the spread of the red tide.

   Vietnam, the war that divided this nation along political and ideological lines.

   Remember all of the men  and women who have died in little out of the way conflicts around the world , not just to stand the watch over our own freedom , but to assure that the light of liberty never flickers out around the globe.

   And let us not forget all of the brave men and women around the world today in harms way. So as we spend this time with our own families let us remember all those who are separated from theirs and say a prayer of thanks and of hope for all Veterans living and passed and for their families.

   God bless the Veterans and God bless The United States of America


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