How Long?

  How long does a new president get to blame everything on  the former administration?  President Obama seems to be in perpetual CYA mode and the best he can come up with is I didn’t do it , Goergie did it . At some point a president must stand on his own two feet and accept responsibility for his actions and failures. I mean I don’t think I once heard Pres. Bush blame the Clinton administration’s failure to pursue terrorist or to take out Bin Ladin when he had the chance, for the  9/11 attack  even though he could have .

  There ‘s  more to being president then swinging your feet in the big chair in the oval office. And raping and pillaging the private sector of the economy isn’t it either.


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  1. Brian Shields Says:

    I dunno. How long was it Clinton’s fault?

  2. Tim J Says:

    “I dunno. How long was it Clinton’s fault?” – Brian Shields

    You’ll have to ask Monica that one, because I don’t think she has ever had a fling with any of the other Presidents only to have them lie under oath that it never happened it after the fact.

    Honestly, all snarking aside, I think most conservatives gave President Bush some leaway due to the Clinton economic policies for a year maybe two. Then there was 9/11. We gave him some slack for that. By the time his second term was underway many of us were done with that. In his second term those that had their eyes open noticed us getting ticked of at him over one issue after another, from immigration and the border to TARP.

    Then with some things such as President Bush’s appointees we always laid the responsibility on him. No one else had the authority to make those choices, and some of the ones he made were brilliant while others stunk.

    The main difference that Frank points out is in WHO is trying to pass the buck and cast blame. Even if some of his supporters did, President Bush didn’t spend his first 100+ days blaming President Clinton for the bad things that were happening in the world. However, many of President Obama’s first days in office have found him blaming problems on his predecesor. I wish our current President had the strength to simply say “Look, this is the way things are, and this is the way I plan to lead America. There is no point in looking back to fight old battles and cast blame because I am not headed that way and neither is America. We are moving forward.” The person who finds it essential to stand on the weaknesses and faults of others is one who thinks they are too weak to stand on their own strengths. Unfortunatly, just as often as not they are wrong in that assesment and as such are undermining their own strength in their attemps to fault others.

  3. frankknotts Says:

    Sorry I was in a hurry when I posted this last night . Let me give the example that really illustrates what I’m talking about.
    Pres. Obama just days after being sworn in stated that he would close Guantanamo in a year. He did this with no plan in mind , he did this to please his kook fringe.
    Now that he can’t make it happen , thanks to his own party in congress I might add he comes out and basically says that the reason he can’t close Guantanamo is because Pres. Bush opened it. The reason he can’t bring the prisoners to the United States is because Pres. Bush had the forsight to place them somewhere safer .
    And as for the economy , okay so maybe part of the problem was the Bush administration’s fault, it was also partially the Democrats in congress, but no matter , he took the job to fix it and he has put forth the socialistic plans with his name all over them.
    So I guess what I am really saying is that it’s bad enough to have a president that is dangerously incompitent but for him to be a whiny spoiled brat is intolerable.
    Suck it up Pres. Obama and take the heat for all the mistakes you have made and the ones you are planning on making and the ones that you are destined to make. In short could you act a little more presidential , I mean when you have a V.P. like Joe Biden how hard is it to look good?

  4. Brian Shields Says:

    I agree… but like with Bush blaming things on Clinton, eventually Obama will have to stand up and admit that the buck stops at his desk.

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