Delaware State Employees Wake Up !

      This is to all of the state workers out there working so hard to get the point across that you are against the 8% pay cuts(also known as an income tax). While I may sympathize with your position( full disclosure, my wife and daughter both are part time state employees) I do think you are being used in your attempts to dissuade the legislature from passing the pay cuts.

    It’s not that I don’t think it’s unfair to target one small segment of the population with an income tax , I do.  It’s not that I don’t think it would be better to spread the income tax increase across the board to all tax payers , I do. It’s not that I don’t think lowering taxes would be better for the state I do, oh wait no body proposed that did they.

    But what really is bugging me about this whole “pay cut ” issue is the way in which the people in Dover have been using the emotions of state employee to manipulate public opinion and to use the issue for political cover to push through other bills , all the while knowing that they have no real intention of taking the “pay cuts” off the table.

   When this issue first came up we were told that we had to cut state employees pay around 8% and add around 2% to the cost of their health care. Then someone threw sports betting out as an alternative, at the same time we had state representatives going around telling people that if we didn’t find ways to cut the deficit it somehow equated to cutting all funding to fire companies , the state police, education, and a whole host of other essential services. But never mentioning any cuts to all of the silly programs and pet projects throughout the state. This fear tactic should be below those we elect to represent us in Dover but I guess it isn’t.

   Well sports betting got pushed through on the second try , I guess some in the legislature were against it before they were for it.  Some said they voted for it even though personally they were against it. Some said they voted for it because of the out cry from state employees in their districts, hence the political cover. The representatives were able to say they passed the sports betting bill because it was what the people wanted. Oh did I mention that the legislators still didn’t rule out the possibility of the 8% “pay cuts”.

   So the “pay cuts” are still on the table as a way to cut the deficit. On Wednesday Rep. John Atkins was on WGMD again telling the people that if they don’t find a way to raise revenue, again it equates to cutting funding to firemen , police , education, and again no mention of cutting anything else. To be fair he did say he would put forth a bill to require drug testing for welfare recipients, yeah that stands about as much  chance as an ice cube in hell . Now we hear that the only option to the “pay cuts” is possibly raising the individual income tax(a republican suggestion no less, but that’s for another day). And what do we have in Dover but teachers and other state employees protesting and saying that it would be better to raise the income tax. Hey wake up, you pay income tax too, and if you think after they raise the income tax that the “pay cuts” are going to be off the table you are fooling yourself , so then the state employees will be paying the higher income tax and will still most likely lose at least 3 to 4 % from their wages . 

  This reminds me of mobster movies where the mobster comes around to the store owner and says , ” if you don’t pay me $100 than something bad could happen to your store”. In this case the legislators keep coming back and telling the state employees that if the state government doesn’t get its way then something bad will happen to the employees’ livelihood and the employees start screaming unfair and the legislators again have political cover to pass sports betting and next maybe higher income tax .

   I fear that after they raise the income tax the folks in Dover will turn their eyes towards the sales tax. Let us not forget that we first heard this floated by Rep. Schwartzkopf (Speaker of the House no less). I’m sure that since it has worked so well, so far , that we can expect them to trot out the line about “if we can’t find someway to raise revenue or some other cuts we will be forced to cut state employees pay.” So if we hear Rep. Atkins come out and again tell us about cutting funding to firemen , policemen,education and nothing else then we can expect a state sales tax. And before you state employees start thinking a sales tax sounds better than a “pay cut”, remember you also buy stuff.

   So wake up state workers , you are being played for fools. They pinch , you squeal and they get to use you for cover.


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  1. Tim J Says:

    One of my clients has an office down town in Dover. This leads me to drive past the capital most weekdays. It has been amazing to me to see the increased activity there. I never saw a rally or protest worth mentioning for 2 years, but this year I have personaly seen three. One over the homosexual marriage (for and against), the Tax-Day Tea Party, and now the state workers. To me that is encoraging. I love to see citizens getting involved in their government in such numbers even when I don’t exactly agree with all their possitions.

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