A Fair Way To Balance The Delaware Budget!

    With all of the talk here in Delaware about the eight hundred million dollar deficit and how to balance the budget, from sports betting bills to eight percent taxes on state workers pay. From drug testing welfare recipients to fewer TVs for prisoners.

   I think it’s time for the legislature to start taking into consideration all suggestions.And I have a great one that I think would bring in hundreds of thousands if not millions.

   With the Delaware State Fair coming up it would be a huge money generator to have our elected officials work at the fair in the dunking booth. I mean all of them , from the governor right down to the county councils, both parties. We could post a schedule in the paper listing which day and time that each would be in the booth. We might have to have as many as three or four going at all times to keep down the lines. I imagine you could make several hundred thousand just from teachers and other state employees at this point.

   Now I know that not all of our officials are physically able to work the dunking booth due to age or handicaps that’s okay I have a way to include them also. Insult booths.

   That’s right for let’s say five dollars a pop you get to go into a closed booth for three minutes with your public official of choice and hurl whatever vile insult you deem appropriate, just don’t talk bad about their mamas okay, that’s not kool.

   Personally I think Gov. Markell and Rep. Schwartzkopf would be the big money draws for the insult booths.

     If any of you out there can think of any better way to generate revenue please let me know.


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