Fox In The Hen House

   The House voted 338 to 52  to create an independent commission to investigate the global economic melt down. The commission would be styled after the commission that investigated the 9/11 terrorist attack and the mistakes of the Clinton Administration that lead up to the attack.

  The committee would be a ten member panel chosen from among United States citizens with significant experience in  banking , regulation of markets,taxation, economics, finance and housing. The committee would also have the authority to look into the huge government funded bailouts , and would be empowered to convene public hearings and the power to subpoena.

   Six of the ten committee members would be selected by  Democrat leaders in congress and the remaining four to be selected by the Republicans. But the panel would require Republican assent to issue subpoenas.

   The committee would have eighteen months to investigate the causes of what some reactionaries have called the worst economic crisis since the 1930s. They would then report back to congress with recommendations on how to avoid such a collapse in the future.

  It would seem to me that to have this investigation while the very people who caused the “crisis” are in charge of congress is bad timing.  But I guess it’ll be okay when the foxes tell us that everything is fine with feathers hanging out of their mouths.


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