You Tell Me

   What follows is a recreation of the article that was the end of my time as a contributor at Delaware Politics .net . Just in case anyone who read the original article reads this version, this is an as best as I can, recreation from my rough draft notes.

   The suction and curettage method is a common abortion procedure used in the first trimester of pregnancy. The abortionist begins by dilating the mothers cervix until it is large enough to allow a cannula (a small hollow tube) to be inserted into her uterus. The cannula is attached to a vacuum  type pump by a hose. The cannula is run along the surface of the uterus causing the baby to be dislodged and sucked into the tube either whole or in pieces along with amniotic fluid and the placenta and end up in a collection jar. Any remaining parts are scraped out of the uterus with a surgical instrument called a curettage. Then the cannula is used again to ensure that all body parts have been removed.

   Another method of abortion is known as , dilation and evacuation. This type of abortion is done after the third month of pregnancy. The cervix must be dilated before the abortion, then a pliers like instrument is inserted into the uterus. The abortionist then seizes a leg, arm or other body part of the baby and with a twisting motion , tears it from the body. This continues until only the head remains. Finally the skull is crushed and pulled out. The nurse then must reassemble the the body to ensure that no body parts remain.

   In the prostaglandin method ,the hormone prostaglandin is injected into the mother to induce labor. The baby usually dies from the trauma of the delivery. But if the baby is old enough it can be delivered alive. This is called a  “complication” . To prevent this “complication” some abortionist will inject a  “feticide” (a drug to kill the fetus) into the baby’s heart , then induce labor and deliver a dead baby. This type of abortion is used in mid and late term pregnancies.

   Dilation and extraction is a type of abortion that is used in pregnancies of four to nine months gestation. The abortionist inserts forceps into the uterus and grasps one of the baby’s legs and then positions the baby feet first and face down. The child’s body is then pulled out of the birth canal except for the head. The baby is alive and probably kicking and flailing its legs and arms. The abortionist then jams blunt tipped scissors into the baby’s skull and spreads them until a suction tube can be inserted and the brain is sucked out. The skull collapses  and the head is removed from the mother.

  Now you tell me , can we call ourselves  a civilized society if we allow this type of genocide to be carried on  either through actively working for the expansion of it , or by turning a blind eye to it ?


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  1. Mike Matthews Says:

    So what’s for dinner?

  2. david anderson Says:

    If abortion is too horrible to describe, maybe is too horrible to allow, Mike.

    Go to hardtruth on the net if you have the stomach for it and see what Frank is talking about.

  3. Balls Manly Says:

    Hardly too graphic. me thinks Burris is an over sensitive baby.

  4. Mike Matthews Says:

    All I’m saying, David, is that I got really hungry after reading that.

  5. ctheis Says:

    Sometimes the REAL truth is too hard to swallow. Thanks, Frank for shining the light. We need folks like you in the DE blogisphere!

  6. Annon Says:

    The removal of this post from Delaware Politics says more about Dave Burris than anything. Many like Burris simply wish to hide the truth and pretend it doesn’t exist. Who does this really offend anyway? Others who want to hide the truth? People who are in favor of abortion know it’s a grisly affair, but don’t want to be reminded.

  7. Perry Says:

    I’ll make the same comment I made on Dave’s blog, Frank:

    Where is your description of the processes we use to execute people?

    Where are some descriptions of the experiences of our troops on the battlefield?

    When you include these, then I will see a consistency in your attempts to forward the pro-life mantra, which has to do not only with abortion, but also has to do with premeditated murder by the state.

  8. donviti Says:


    good luck


    See you at the next war rally to kill some Muslims

  9. jason330 Says:


    Which did Dave use to abort your dumb ass from his blog? suction and curettage? prostaglandin? dilation and extraction?

  10. Brian Shields Says:

    Cruel as it may be, the moral decision should not be left to the government to make. It should be between the mother, her child, and her God to figure out.

    She is the one who has to live with herself after the procedure. She is the one who has to live her life without the procedure.

    Removing the inner moral debate from the question removes the humanity of the situation. Removing abortion as an option removes the value of making that moral decision, and coming to terms with the results of that decision.

    Making it simple, makes the people who have to face the reality simple. Making it illegal will not remove the fact that it happens. It will only take the legal health protections away. Imagine the illegal procedures being done if abortion was criminalized. If you ban abortion the procedures will be more cruel and more evil and more disgusting.

    I, personally, agree with you, Frank. Abortion is an abomination. I came to the realization long ago that if I was ever faced with an abortion situation, I would beg and plead the mother to carry the child full term, so i could man up and raise it. I did, though, come to the realization that it would not be my decision to make. I recognize that it is her body, and she ultimately makes the decision of what to do. She has the right to do what she wishes. My wishes for a family does not trump her right to her physical well being.

    The government has no right to impinge on that moral decision. They have no right to decide what one does with their body. In my opinion, unless that child can live independently from the mother, it is not alive, and does not have the same protections. That is where I, personally, can draw the line.

  11. Brian Shields Says:

    On a lighter note, I love the irony that the topic of abortion has created an abortion from one blog, creating life in another.

  12. Hube Says:

    Where is your description of the processes we use to execute people?

    You mean lethal injection where the murderer is merely put to sleep? Wow, that’s tough!!

    When you include these, then I will see a consistency in your attempts to forward the pro-life mantra, which has to do not only with abortion, but also has to do with premeditated murder by the state.

    Frank is magnitudes more morally consistent than your infantile attempts to somehow equate execution with abortion. One is a convicted killer; the other is an innocent child.

    Yet you, Perry favor a law outlawing only ONE of these. This is not only inconsistent, it is so morally vacuous as to defy description.

    BTW, Perry if it’s called “abortion,” then it’s “execution” — not “premeditated murder by the state.”

  13. Hube Says:

    It’s a shame dimwitty and Trust Fund weren’t aborted, eh?

  14. Perry Says:

    I like the way Brian portrayed the abortion dilemma.

    Hube, I am not going to go around on this with you here, as we have exhaustively covered our views on this subject on CoR. I frankly don’t care what you think.

    Your last remark well illustrates your insensitivites, even as a joke!

  15. mike hunt Says:

    you can not legislate morality. you can not legislate morality. you can not legislate morality. you can not legislate morality.

    does anyone remember when “fuck” was offensive.

    if the general public hears these kind of descriptions on a daily basis, it would not have the shock value it does today. we have integrated “fuck” into everyday conversation and noone is shocked. don’t think noun, think adjective….fucking democrat, fucking republican, fucking insurance commissioner….

    i applaud your effort to remind, Frank, to remind everyone that we have freedom of speech in America…and me and my guns will stand up and support someone like you to continue those freedoms.

  16. pandora Says:

    Frankly, I’ve reached the point where all of you MEN need to STFU. Not exactly my most eloquent post, but when it comes to who’s left holding the baby…

  17. Hube Says:

    Just curious, Perry : Do you ever chastise the DLers for their [much more blatant] insensitivities? Of course not. So, as pandora says, STFU.

    Take a gander, everyone, at Perry’s “morals”:

  18. Hube Says:

    OK pan, I’ll bite. Then women need to STFU about child support if the daddy isn’t up to daddying. Fair enough?

  19. Tim J Says:

    The “f” word is still offensive to those that can be offended.

    You can legislate morality. Abraham Lincoln and the Civil War taught us that some issues are bigger than states rights or individual choice. We learned that a human is just as much a human in one state as it is in another and their freedom is just as valuable in all states. When a woman is pregnant the child is a life in one state and she crosses to another state it doesn’t magically become no longer a life simply because the laws are different.

    I would suggest that issues of LIFE, LIBERTY, and THE PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS should be looked at closely because they are the issues of national morality. Our founders did well to spell that out in the Declaration of Independance. The Supreme Court has already made Abortion, which I contest counts as an issue of LIFE, a national issue, and I belive they were right to do so even though I believe they came down on the wrong side of it.

  20. pandora Says:

    Actually, Hube, I’m sorta okay with that. That said, everyone – male and female – is held to their pre-birth decision. No changing their minds.

    So speaks the mother of a 15 year old son and 12 year old daughter. I see both sides.

  21. pandora Says:

    Tim J.,

    You’re dancing, and not very well.

  22. frankknotts Says:

    Okay , I said this on Daves blog and I’ll say it here. I have no ill will towards Dave for his decision to cut me from his team, he gave me the chance to be heard in the first place and now he has forced me to take the next step in creating my own site so once again thank you Dave. My reason for posting this article both times was to lay it out there that this is what we are talking about when we discuss abortion. We hear a lot about the mothers rights but what of the baby’s ?
    Now the only post I feel compelled to respond to is my old friend Perry’s challenge to speak about the horrors of war and the justice of capital punishment. First our brave men and women who have volunteered to protect our freedoms deserve nothing but our praise and support, but they did volunteer to be in the armed forces who’s job it is to fight , and to kill the enemy and unfortunately sometimes to die for what they believe in
    As for comparing capital punishment to abortion that is offensive. Someone who is put to death in the most humane fashion that an ACLU lawyer can devise after committing a crime grave enough to warrant the punishment , after years of appeals all the way to the Supreme Courte , to compare that to a child in the womb that has no one to appeal to and is guilty of nothing more than being created and is then subjected to the procedures described above is offensive. And anyone who is not moved by the brutality of the act , anyone who works to expand the availability of abortions to more and more women , and to younger and younger girls , anyone who can turn there backs on the millions of children lost to this genocide needs to do some self evaluation.

  23. Hube Says:

    pan: Good for you. I appreciate the honesty and candor. I think a pre-birth decision is a good idea.

  24. Tim J Says:

    Pandora, please forgive me I never enrolled in dance classes, so I may be a bit clumsy at times. Did I step on your foot? If so I hope it doesn’t bruise or leave any scars.

  25. FSP Says:

    “me thinks Burris is an over sensitive baby.”

    Says the big man too afraid to use his name.

    “Who does this really offend anyway?”

    Me. It offended me. I don’t do graphic anything on my blog.

    You cowards are more than welcome to search the archives at DP for all of the posts that have been done on abortion over the last few years. I mean I know that goes against your whole manufactured story about me being the great censor, but the truth is the truth.

    Frank — good luck with the new blog. It seems that you and I are the only people with a proper understanding and perspective on what happened here. I guess that’s probably best.

  26. Perry Says:

    Frank, I appreciate your response, though now you are dancing just like Hube does.

    I was trying to get you to give a graphic description of two other state mandated murders, if you will, humans dying on the battlefield and felons dying in the death chamber.

    Frankly, I don’t think either you or Hube can fulfill that request, because you have practically no knowledge of either scenario.

    My overall point is this, as Hube know very well by now: Abortion, war, and execution are all examples of premeditated killing, which is why I oppose all three.

    And by the way, any devoted Christian or Jew should consider oneself commanded to take this position. I am neither, but choose to take the Quaker position, as that has been an important influence in my life, which is against all three.

    So never mind about the graphic descriptions, as I agree with Dave Burris on that issue. Just making the request has made my point.

  27. Annon Says:

    FSP? says:
    “Says the big man too afraid to use his name. ”

    Really? and “FSP” is a real name? Who the F are you? My name is Tom Jones and I live in Vegas.

  28. FSP Says:

    Stick around. You might learn something.

  29. Hube Says:

    My overall point is this, as Hube know very well by now: Abortion, war, and execution are all examples of premeditated killing, which is why I oppose all three.

    Except, of course, that you only favor laws that outlaw two of the three. Abortion ain’t one of them.

    Why did you leave that tidbit out, Perry? Are you … dancing?? LOL!

  30. Gary Lockwood Says:

    Frank: You are a class act. Dave Burris is not. He threw you to the wolves, just like he did to John Adkins. He now is trashing WGMD. He has too much time on his hands. He needs to look before he leaps. I predict all his bloggers will come to your site. Good Luck

  31. Dave Burris Says:

    Gary — Get out more. It’ll do you good. You won’t be so miserable.

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  33. Says:

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