A New Beginning

  Well high there. My name is Frank Knotts , I live in Sussex County Delaware.  Some who come across this site may know me from my time on Delaware Politics.Net . Well due to my posting of what was deemed a too hot to handle pro life article I was asked, well more like told that my opinions were no longer welcome on that site.

   So I have started my own blog. Not in an attempt to compete with Delaware Politics , because I wouldn’t stand a chance, those are some truly smart dudes over there. But more to get out my own opinion and hopefully those of many others.

   I am a self described straight line conservative both on fiscal and social issues , also a point of contention during my time at Delaware Politics.

   What I hope to provide on this blog site is a meat and potatoes type of site. I will attempt to post at least one article a week. The articles will cover topics and issues of a wide variety, but alway from my very personal view point.

  Let me warn those who are easily offended, I tend to say exactly what I feel and never do I back down for the sake of propriety. I not only believe what I say but I believe “IN” what I say.

   So I invite all of my old friends and foes from Delaware Politics and also I hope to attract new friends and hopefully not too many foes to join me in lively , honest debate of issues that effect us all. I will cover national , world and Delaware politics as well as more local topics .

   Please keep an eye out for my first article and feel free to join the discussion. I hope as I gain more skills I will be able to add to the site to make it easier to enjoy. Thank you .


3 Responses to “A New Beginning”

  1. david anderson Says:

    Terrific, I look forward to participating.

  2. Shaun Fink Says:

    Frank, I will check you out as often as I can. I wish you all the best with this venture.

  3. Brian Shields Says:

    Your blog has been added to my blogroll.

    Although we may not agree 100%, I wish you well. Standing independent with your views gives you a better respect as a blogger, and relives you of the stigma of the group effort.

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