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Will Of The People

May 31, 2009

   In 2002 the voters of Nevada voted to amend their constitution to define marriage as between a man and a woman . On Saturday May 30th the Nevada state Senate decided to totally disregard the will of the people in a 14-7 vote to over turn a veto by Gov. Jim Gibbons

   Gov. Gibbons had vetoed a bill that would give domestic partners , either straight or homosexual, the same rights as married couples. In matters such as community property and responsibility of debt , even though domestic partners can sign private contracts that would serve the same purpose as the bill.

   These types of bills are extremely dangerous not only to traditional marriage but also can be use in discrimination law suits against employers and also against government offices such as the Justice of the Peace. They could also be used to attack churches who refuse to recognize homosexuals right to marry. These laws set the precedent of recognizing these partnerships and in doing so allows the state and employers to be  forced to pay healthcare benefits to the partners of employees. We have seen the same thing attempted here in Delaware with H.B.5 , that was touted as an anti homosexual discrimination law .

   These laws are a stepping stone in granting homosexuals the right  to marry . The right to marry is a stepping stone to attack churches that refuse to marry homosexuals, all of this I believe is an attempt to further attack organized religion in general and Christianity in particular.

   There are groups such as the ACLU that have shown a consistent bias against Christianity and would use a law such as this Nevada domestic partners bill and the Delaware H.B.5 to further their anti Christian agenda.

  In California we saw prop. 8, the will of the people to ban homosexual marriage upheld by the court , in Nevada we are seeing an attempt by the legislature to totally ignore the will of the people and here in Delaware we saw a mixed message. At the same time that H.B.5 was being defeated in the House side, an amendment to the state constitution to define marriage as between a man and a woman was also defeated on the Senate side.

   So here in Delaware the battle for the protection of traditional marriage and the freedom of religion continues and demonstrates just how important voting for conservatives with the courage to stand up against the vocal minority is.


Health Care President?

May 30, 2009

   On Friday President Obama went out for lunch with staff and an NBC News crew who were filming a day in the life documentary (or preforming a prostate exam) .

   The President decided on Five Guys Burgers and Fries in D.C.. First let me say, I luv me some Five Guys myself. But in the same week as the President launches his big push for socialized health care he decides to go out for a heart attack on a bun. Good example your setting there Mr. President.

  A president who is pushing not only socialized health care but also is saying the way to lower health care cost is through better living is out eating what can be described as a quarter pound of stroke.

  Does this president not have people whose job it is  to watch out for things like this , to identify and avoid hypocrisy . Someone to go out on the sly and bring the president a burger on the QT? Oh wait that’s right the last time a Democrat  president had take out delivered it didn’t end well.

  Or is it more the case that this president feels he can say and do anything and get away with it, without the media pointing it out, even if they happen to be right there with cameras rolling.

  Ah it must be good to be King Obama.

Third Party

May 30, 2009

  As the debate continues within the GOP on which direction the party should move forward in , continuing to inch left or to return to it’s more conservative right, we are hearing more and more reports of Republican voters looking to or for third party alternatives.

  Many long time Republicans are discouraged with the left leanings of many of the party’s leadership and elected officials. Many feel that it is this left leaning that has cost the GOP to lose recent elections , including the 2008 presidential election with an across the aisle candidate like John Mc Cain.

  Many Republicans are exploring the possibility of switching to a third party in the hopes of finding a more conservative home for their votes.

   I am a long time conservative and a Republican, I too am tired of the GOP being the whimpering voice of descent instead of the strong voice of opposition that it needs to be at this turning point in America when the socialist are poised to change the very fabric of our nation.

   I too am looking for a home for my conservative vote, but unlike many I am still looking to my party, the GOP for that home. I believe that the GOP can become that third party alternative . I believe that we conservatives can wrench control of the party away from the “moderates” who feel that it is better to behave as the leftist do in order to win elections. But if we are electing faux conservatives what have we as conservatives gained?

  If we had elected McCain what would we have gotten? A president in favor of amnesty. Here in Delaware when we elect Mike Castle what do we get? A man who votes for TARP and who believes that embryos are just “medical waste.”

I believe that those of us who consider ourselves straight line conservatives and who are dissatisfied with the direction of the GOP , should work within the party to bring like minded people to the party and to create that third party within the GOP and to grow it until it controls the GOP . To walk completely away from the GOP at this critical time in our nations history and to weaken the GOP would play directly into the hands of the Democrats and the socialist who control that party.

  And to all of those conservative Democrats (and I know you exist) who feel that your party is to leftist , consider helping to move the nation back to it’s traditional roots , by fighting within your own party to defeat those who would destroy democracy and capitalism.

  I am calling on everyone who feels that the GOP has gone to far left, to start showing up to GOP meetings, as I have, be it on the county level or state or if possible the national level and voice your opinions loudly and without fear, that’s right I said fear because there are those within the GOP who will label you traders if you are against the moderate movement within the GOP and call you racist if you are against illegal immigrants, homo-phobes if you are in favor of traditional marriage , they will label you too controversial if you oppose the killing of babies.

   I believe that if the GOP is ever to find it’s true voice of opposition it must come from the individuals within the party , the voters . I believe that the leadership of the party is blinded by the need to win at all cost and have lost sight of the fact that the party is not the objective, it is the tool with which to achieve the objective. The objective in my view is and should always be liberty.

Now Or Never ?

May 28, 2009

     President Obama told supporters by phone from Air Force One during his return trip from the West coast for a cycle of fund raising. that ” if we don’t get it done this year, we’re not going to get it done”. The president was speaking about his national health care plan. The conference call was organized by Pres. Obama’s political arm “Organizing For America” that also will be in charge of his re-election campaign.

   During the call the President laid out his plan for kicking off on June sixth a full court press to move his socialized health care plan through congress. He is encouraging his supporters to pressure law makers in Washington D.C. to approve the plan.

  The plea comes as the House and Senate are poised to begin committee hearings next week with the goal being a comprehensive  overhaul of the health care system.

   The White House is leaving the details up to congress (probably because he doesn’t have any ideas of his own) but said that it should include choice, lower cost, while extending coverage to the fifty million Americans(I wonder how broad his definition of an American is ?) who are uninsured.

  The cost for this overhaul has been estimated at around  one point five trillion dollars ( which means when it is all said and done it will cost more like two to three trillion)  , and finding a way to pay for it has become a rather large challenge for Congress and the White House.

   Well if the President really believes that it’s this year or never then I vote for never. We can ill afford to spend ourselves further into debt just to fulfill this man’s campaign promise.

  And since he is mobilizing his army of neighborhood organizers to pressure congress ,I hope we will see real opposition from the GOP at the local level as well as the national. We need to be writing and calling our Representative and Senators. We need to speak with our neighbors even the Democrat ones.

  We need the GOP to be a voice of reason as well as a voice of opposition. We need the GOP to have the foresight and the courage to totally oppose the urge to play the game of tweaking the Dems idea and calling it their own. We need them to just say no to socialized health care of any kind.

   I encourage everyone to write to their members of congress and demand that they oppose this push by socialist for socialism. And also write and call your local GOP organization and it’s leaders and encourage them to also demand of our leaders to oppose this plan.

   Any socialized health care plan will bankrupt our nation , while at the same time ruin the world finest health care system. We as free thinking Americans can not allow this to happen.

Got It Right

May 26, 2009

  On Tuesday May the 26th the California Supreme Court got it right in a six to one decision  written by Chief Justice Ron George  that upheld a ban on homosexual marriage that was put into place by proposition eight , a ballot initiative.

   In this finding the court upheld the right of the voters to decide the issues based on the constitution of their state. If only we had had a few more brave souls here in Delaware we might have seen our own constitution amended to protect traditional marriage. And yes I know that we don’t have referendum in Delaware and that is why it is so, so very important to elect people who see that the majority of the people are not in favor of homosexual marriage.

   Thank goodness that this court had the courage and the judicial temperament to uphold the law and not to cave to pressure from the vocal minority.

Red Sonia !

May 26, 2009

  Well , as if we haven’t seen enough reasons why the elections in 2010 and 2012 are so important with the socialist agenda of our current president , we today were given a glimpse of things to come with his nomination of Sonia Sotomayor as the next Supreme Court Judge.

   Sotomayor was one of four on the short list when the President made his choice on Monday. By the way all four were women, leading one to believe that the president was more interested in gender and race then he was in judicial competence. The other three were Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napalitano, Solicitor General Elena Kagan, and federal appeals judge Diane Wood of Chicago.

   It was reported that the President had interviewed Ms. Wood , but  Sotomayor was at the White House on Thursday for seven hours without being discovered by reporters ( wink, wink) , I’m pretty sure I saw that in a West Wing episode.

   It would seem that the administration and it’s lap dog media pooches would like to paint Judge Sotomayor in the most sympathetic light as possible. We are already being told of her childhood, how she was raised in a Bronx housing project and lost her father at age nine.  They are also going to great lengths to point out that her diabetes will not be an issue.

   Of course we are  once again being subjected to having to hear how historic this is to have the first Hispanic who also happens to be a women on the highest court in the land. Yeah because when I’m having a case that might mean life or death pled in front of the highest court in the land what I’m most concerned with is whether or not the court has enough Hispanics or women on it, forget about whether they have the right judicial temperament to be able to put aside their own life and to decide the case based solely on the law .

   We will have to wait and see if the Republicans in the Senate have the guts to take this Hispanic women to task over such things as her statement to the Duke University law school in 2005 that appeals courts ” are where policy is made”. Of course we will have to endure the media screaming sexism and racism if they do, because after all it would be historic, wow where have we heard that before?

   One other thing that gives me pause is that it is being pointed out by the administration that Judge Sotomayor does not have a long paper trail when it comes to abortion. So I guess we are to believe that Pres. Obama is going to give us a Supreme Court Justice who is pro-life ? HA! HA! HA! This is merely a strategy so that the Republicans have nothing to point to.

  I would also encourage everyone to look into things being said about Justice Sotomayor by people who have worked with her and who have argued cases before her bench, not very encouraging.

Is The President Distracted?

May 25, 2009

  On Monday May the twenty fifth North Korea tested for the second time , a nuclear device. It first tested a nuclear device back in 2006. North Korea followed up the underground test with a test launch of a short range missile , it is also developing long range missiles.

   President Obama said today in a Rose Garden statement that he condemns the nuclear test and that of the short range missle. He urges other countries to work with the United States to bring about strong diplomatic pressure on North Korea and to reinstate the six party talks, though North Korea has said that they would not participate. The president also said that the countries of the world should work through the United Nations since the tests are both violations of U.N. resolutions.

    All of this comes only two weeks after the Obama administration’s special envoy for disarmament, Stephen Bosworth,  while visiting Asia made the statement that ” everyone is feeling relatively relaxed about where we are at this point in the process”.

   The real fear in this may not be that North Korea will launch a nuclear attack on it’s neighbors , but that they will sell nuclear bombs to terrorist.

   So is the president distracted by the economy here at home while national and international security suffers? Is president Obama too busy trying to nationalize the auto and banking industries, to the point of allowing things over seas to spiral out of control ? Was former Vice President Cheney right in his assessment that Pres. Obama is putting the nation at risk ?

   We are seeing a slight rise in violence in Iraq , which had been trending down in the final months of the Bush administration. We are sending more troops into Afghanistan. Iran seems to be snubbing it’s nose at the world in general and the United States in particular with it’s nuclear program.

   I believe it was when the TARP Bill came up for a vote in the Senate during the campaign that candidate Obama said something to the effect that , a president must be able to do more then one thing at a time.

  Well President Obama you need to start showing that you can. Maybe if you would spend less time in trying to manipulate the economy by buying up what should be private industries and spend a little more time focusing on the things that effect our security, if you spent less time trying to close Gitmo and bringing terrorist back to the United States and more time sending the message that we will not tolerate the sort of behavior that we are seeing from Iran and North Korea then maybe we would feel safer here at home.

  We often see presidents who in the final years of their second terms  will start to legacy build. We saw it with Pres. Clinton , though his was more legacy rebuild after the sex scandal with Monica. We saw it with Pres. Bush with the spending that was done in his final months.

   But it seems that Pres. Obama has been in legacy mode from day one. He seems  more concerned with his image than he is with the welfare of the nation that he swore an oath to protect.

    President Obama , get your eye off the prize and back on the ball.

Can Never Be Said Enough

May 24, 2009

It can never be said enough , so let me say it once again . Thank you to all of our Veterans, and to all of the families of our fallen heroes thank you for your sacrifice.

   This weekend is traditionally the beginning of summer. With that goes all of the summertime  fun and parties. It is a time when we start to think of cookouts and going to the beach. Children begin to realize that it won’t be long until the schools release them back onto the unsuspecting public.

   You may be wondering how high will gas prices  go this summer and trying to figure out if you can afford that vacation that you have been putting off since last summer.

  You may just be going about your usual business of cutting the grass and grilling a couple of steaks and waiting for the NASCAR race to start( okay I know there are still ten Indy car fans out there).

   But this weekend and especially on Monday when you sit down to have your baked beans and hot dogs take a moment to remember .

   Remember the estimated 2,500 men who died from disease, hunger and exposure at Valley Forge in 1777-1778 just to give birth to this great nation.

   Remember the untold number of our fellow citizens who died to preserve this union in The Civil War and also those who died fighting for what they believed were their rights.

   Remember those who died in the mud of France in WWI, the war to end all wars.

   Remember all those who died from Pearl Harbor to Europe to Japan in WWII , the next war to end all wars.

   Then  Korea, to stop the spread of the red tide.

   Vietnam, the war that divided this nation along political and ideological lines.

   Remember all of the men  and women who have died in little out of the way conflicts around the world , not just to stand the watch over our own freedom , but to assure that the light of liberty never flickers out around the globe.

   And let us not forget all of the brave men and women around the world today in harms way. So as we spend this time with our own families let us remember all those who are separated from theirs and say a prayer of thanks and of hope for all Veterans living and passed and for their families.

   God bless the Veterans and God bless The United States of America

Where Is The Center ?

May 23, 2009

      When we talk politics we hear a lot about “the center” . Well where is the center of politics? Well I think the answer depends on which part of politics you happen to be talking about.

       If we are talking about political ideology in general , then I would say the center is somewhere between Marx on the left and Limbaugh on the right. The left thinking that the state can and should provide all services and needs to the people based on the theory of ” all should receive equally.” The right believing that all should receive based on their ability to earn and grow within the free market system of capitalism. In this case the center or God forbid the “moderates” believe that there can be a balancing act of the two. They believe that you can have a half and half system. That you can have people working for a wage so that the government can tax that wage to the point of being punitive and then hand out all of the things that that money could have provided from the private sector. The problem being that the people have lost their ability to choose for themselves and also as the government grows in size and scope the working population shrinks , until their are not enough people working to support the now top heavy government, look to Delaware as an example . This half and half system will eventually tear itself apart as the two opposing ideologies vie for the position of power. We are seeing this in this country right now.

     Now , if we are talking within a political party and we ask the question where is the center of that party, we get a completely different answer. Now I will limit my opinion to the GOP since I really don’t care what happens to the Democrats as long as they loose.

     Some would say that the center of the party is the people who consider themselves fiscal conservatives but are more (dare I say it) moderate on social issues. Some might say the exact opposite, that the center of the GOP are those who are socially conservative but who see the need for government to be more of a guiding force in the lives of the people.

  I happen to believe that the center of the GOP is and should be to an even larger extent the ideology of straight line conservatism. What I mean is that the party needs to base its message on core values , such as fiscal responsibility, smaller government, lower taxes, and the protection of our social traditions i.e, traditional marriage, and the protection of the unborn child from abortion and to protect our nation from an invasion of illegal immigrants.

   Now I am not saying that we need to exclude anyone from the party who doesn’t  hold all of these values as being equally important and I believe that a message of this sort can and would bring not only more people into the GOP but also heal some of the wounds within the party, but it will take messengers who believe in the message not messengers who merely mouth what ever rhetoric a focal group or poll has told them will work. We need leaders and candidates for the GOP who believe that a conservative message on all issues is our best hope for achieving not only election wins but more importantly in achieving greatness for our nation.

   I believe that if we had as a center of the GOP party a straight line conservative message we would attract candidates who believe in the straight line conservative message. Now some will argue that this would isolate the people who are not one thing or another. I believe that if the GOP had candidates who can speak honestly in support of not only fiscal but also socials issues , they would be able to relate to both sides of the argument. If the candidate truly believes in smaller government and fiscal responsibility then they will be able to attract the fiscal conservatives. If that same candidate can speak honestly and passionately on social issues and not just pay lip service then they will attract the social conservatives.

  I believe that a straight line conservative message is a more consistent message and does not create as many conflicts within the party as long as the candidates do not waffle on the issues and are true straight line conservatives. I also believe there are a lot of people outside of the GOP right now that would be attracted to a more consistent message. The GOP must find its center and then stay the course.

  We must understand that the party is not the goal here , it is merely a tool to achieve the goal and as a tool must be molded in a fashion that will allow it to be used to achieve the goal. The goal is not merely winning elections, though that is required to be able to achieve the goal. The goal in my not so humble opinion is to put into place leaders who have the vision to see that conservatism is our best chance for the nation to reclaim our position of greatness among the world community and to solve many , if not all , of the problems we are facing today. When we have such a leftist in the White House and he has such leftist support in congress I believe that what the GOP needs to be doing is moving as far away from the leftist policies as possible to clearly demonstrate the differences of the two ideologies. And we must be unafraid to argue clearly and loudly against what we see as being detrimental to the nation and its people.

How Long?

May 21, 2009

  How long does a new president get to blame everything on  the former administration?  President Obama seems to be in perpetual CYA mode and the best he can come up with is I didn’t do it , Goergie did it . At some point a president must stand on his own two feet and accept responsibility for his actions and failures. I mean I don’t think I once heard Pres. Bush blame the Clinton administration’s failure to pursue terrorist or to take out Bin Ladin when he had the chance, for the  9/11 attack  even though he could have .

  There ‘s  more to being president then swinging your feet in the big chair in the oval office. And raping and pillaging the private sector of the economy isn’t it either.